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What is White Label PPC and Why Do Companies Use It?

What is White Label PPC and Why Do Companies Use It

White Label Pay-Per-Click | A White Mouse

PPC (pay-per-click), also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the most well-known sub-areas within digital marketing. This is probably because it is also one of the most effective avenues. Digital marketing professionals recognize pay-per-click as a superb way of gathering a larger number of leads and driving greater and better quality conversions. Of course, this is only true when you do PPC the right way. Only if you do PPC right can you can successfully leverage the available bottom-of-the-funnel targeting capabilities.

There are a lot of digital advertising companies or agencies that want to provide PPC. The problem is that they lack PPC knowledge and expertise. They also lack funding, time, and/or people to develop and deliver PPC campaigns to their clients. This does not even consider all the needed management to make sure that the processes run smoothly. Fear not, though, because these constraints are precisely what white-labeled PPC solutions can release.

This article aims to educate you in two main areas. First, we’ll look at what white-labeled PPC is and why it’s a popular solution. Second, we’ll learn about a few common challenges involved in white labeling and how it differs from simply reselling pay-per-click services.

What is White Label PPC?

What is White Label PPC | A Laptop Showing PPC While Someone is Typing In A CalculatorWhite labeling is the process of hiring another company to manufacture or produce a product or service and rebranding it with your own company’s label. There are several companies out there that exist solely as white label product manufacturers and/or service providers.

White Label PCC works in the same way. Company A outsources pay-per-click services from Company B (the white label company). Company B does the work and delivers the unbranded results to Company A. Company A then puts its brand name on the output before delivering it to its clients. (At least that’s the typical white labeling experience) That Company actually handles the entire process from beginning to end including not just delivering the results, but handling all emails/phone calls with the customer to enable their partners to scale more efficiently!

PPC uses search engines to show ads to potential customers. The ads pop up above the organic search engine results. With professionally crafted headlines and descriptions, these ads attract more customers to click through to landing pages to make a purchase. With expert targeting, only the people who are most likely to buy will see and click on the ads.

So, what is white label PPC? When it comes to conversions, pay-per-click is one of the most effective means. So, white label PPC combines this outside technical expertise with your client’s digital marketing needs and your sales expertise for stellar results without the added hassle and expense.

White Label PPC vs. PPC Resellers

There are a couple of ways that companies can take advantage of these services offered by other agencies. That’s reseller programs and white label PPC partnerships. While these two are comparable, they do have some differences. It’s important to know these so can decide on which is best for your company.

When you enter into a full partnership with white label PPC providers, they act as an added department to your agency. Most partners are flexible in that they have campaigns and additional services that cater to the specific needs of your business throughout the entire process. They can assist your campaigns in the set-up, management, optimization, and other areas related to client interaction. For example, some give you the option to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be. That Company for example, can even meet with your clients and free you from middle management roles.

Of course, as mentioned, the company would do all the work under your name or brand. As far as the client is concerned, this is all just an extension of your company’s services.

Alternatively, PPC resellers are more specifically involved in running pay-per-click campaigns across platforms like Google and Bing. These resellers are more for those companies that do not have their own PPC departments or expertise. If you are a business that wants to scale without shouldering the investment of purchasing the necessary resources or hiring more people, PPC resellers may be the solution for you.

In the case of resellers, you will need to be more hands-on in terms of client relations. A reseller usually does not assist with areas such as helping close new clients, presenting proposals, giving reports, or guiding you through different ad campaign strategies. They simply do the PPC technical work.

Now that you know the nuances between the two, you can now hopefully have a better idea as to what type of partnership is more suitable for your needs.

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Why Do Companies Use White Label PPC?

Why Companies Use White Label PPC | A Group Of People Holding A White Banner With That!Company LogoBecause of online advertising, businesses have seen considerable growth. As such, these companies are looking to continue growing and looking for ways to scale their businesses. White label solutions are a valuable asset for that. No in-house PPC? No problem. When you partner with a white-label agency that’s a good fit for your company, you will be able to expand your services and deliver those results to your clients.

Let’s go into some of the specific reasons why digital agency owners benefit from white-label services.

1. Branding

A company’s brand is essentially its identity. White labeling allows for small and large companies to produce more products at a sped-up rate. Also, partnering with a reliable white label provider allows companies to maintain the image and value of their brand. Faster production process plus a maintained brand image – now doesn’t that sound ideal?

2. Cost-effective

As mentioned, adding another service to your business can be pricey. You would need to purchase the necessary tools for that service. Training your own people will take time and money. Not all companies have the budget for that, and even large companies would prefer to keep costs at a minimum. Outsourcing the work to a white label agency means you don’t need to worry about all that. You can use all the resources that you would otherwise spend building service from the ground up in other areas of your business. When you partner with white label pay-per-click service providers, you get to leverage their years of experience and organizational structure.

3. Expert Work and Guidance

When you hire or partner with a white label PPC company, it’s understood that you’re hiring the experts within that agency. These professionals provide not only the expertise for the work but also can guide you through whatever problems or hurdles may arise during the whole process. Big or small, these experts can answer your concerns relating to the set-up, management, etc., of your client’s ad campaigns.

4. Weight off Your Shoulders

When you hand over the technical work to the white label professionals, you give yourself room to breathe. This maximizes your work efficiency because it allows you to focus on other areas you can improve. Specifically for smaller digital marketing agency owners, it means they get to reinvest their time into revenue producing activities, instead of constantly working on the clients they previous sold services to! Basically, you let them do what they’re good at (pay-per-click, for instance) and you can focus your resources on other things, such as marketing, and sales / client acquisition. You can instruct the agency to give you regular updates so you don’t have to work on overseeing the entire process.

6. Keep Clients Happy

Hiring people that know what they’re doing often means work gets done faster and smoother. Clients, especially larger corporations, usually have stringent deadlines and want things done as soon as possible. White label service providers can speedily deliver quality output. Also, some agencies offer client relations services. This can help keep clients on with your company beyond a single project.

White Label PPC Challenges

White Label Pay-per-click Challenges | A Man Looking Down On The Edge Of The Cliff While there are several benefits, it’s only fair to discuss the challenges that you might face when going the white label route.

1. Accounts

One issue involves account management for Google Ads. Make sure to use only a single e-mail to access your Google Ads account. You can solve this by having both the agency and company use the same login info. Just make sure that you trust them with your budgets, you keep an eye on things, and you are not authorizing another party to make changes at the same time.

2. Type and Frequency of Reports

Pay-per-click reports come in different formats. You need to ensure clarity between you and the white label company on which report format you use. You also need to consider if the client has a certain preference and use that. It’s also very important to schedule how often they need to give you reports and updates.

3. Intermediary Play

This applies when the white label agency does a fair deal of middle management. For instance, say that they handle any questions or clarifications the client has about the PPC campaign. It’s imperative that the company address those concerns right away. Otherwise, there could be problems along the way. It would be wise to prepare a client debrief for the team when you hand them off (That Company has a questionnaire process to make this as smooth as possible). This way, the client stays informed and the project can continue without delay or miscommunication.

If you’re looking for a white label PPC provider that can not only deliver the work product but handles all client communications – phone calls/emails, as well as helps you close new deals, then contact us to learn more about how That Company can become your white label partner!

Written By: Julia

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