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White Label Benefits Begin with PPC Management Services

If you are looking for marketing solutions that not only get results but go the extra mile, then you can’t afford to overlook That! Company. We are a white label marketing firm who specializes in PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing strategies. In addition, we also offer social media network management services, SEO, and reputation management. We go the extra mile in providing PPC management services to digital marketing agencies, increasing their bottom line while they can pursue more business, and resolve other important company issues.

What Are White Label Marketing and PPC Services?

White label marketing is where your agency is provided with a customized set of services for clients you have acquired and maintain. The services may include website development, search engine optimization (SEO), or pay per click advertising campaigns, to name a few. Although the work is done by another company, your agency—the “private label”—takes the credit, and a good slice of the profits.

In essence, you can sell all of the services a client needs to drive traffic to their website via PPC marketing strategies and other necessary services. These services range from analytics to managing sales funnels. There are other services available to allow our agency partners to create a tailored approach to marketing with the assistance of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to growing your company and increasing your bottom line.

Our PPC services are designed to carefully place advertisements and links throughout the internet to catch the attention of your client’s target audience. We do this through a combination of modern software, data analysis, and skilled account management. PPC management services are a valuable method for staying competitive in your given market and ensuring that you are visible to clients who can benefit from your agency’s services.

What A PPC Management Company Can Do for You

If you are looking to increase your online visibility, then you need a PPC consultant like That! Company. Our approach combines dedicated client services with current proven strategies that fulfill all your white label marketing needs. Having That! Company as a partner is like hiring a fully-functional, experienced internet marketing department overnight! You can effectively utilize the power of PPC management services with ease and feel confident knowing that you are proposing growth for your client’s company while improving brand awareness and traffic to their website.

Dominate your competition in the PPC space with white label services from That! Company.Once visitors click on the PPC advertisement or link, our software can track their activities and generate valuable analytics and data. The related activity paints a clear picture of what they are interested in, and what they do while browsing. This data helps create an approach that directly appeals to these individuals and will increase the chance of converting them into a paying customer. This is real value for your client, and for you and your business.


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Simply the Best at White Label Marketing in the World


What Sets Us Apart

That! Company has been helping businesses succeed with their white label PPC needs since 2001. Our strategy combines the latest tracking software with team member insight to help tailor an approach that fits your company’s individual needs. Each client is assigned an account representative who can be relied upon to handle all communications and planning in a professional manner while keeping you informed of details on a regular basis.

Another reason to work with That! Company is flexibility. Not only do we offer different monthly plans, but we also offer analytics bid management and our exclusive Conversion Trax technology to keep track of visitors to your clients’ sites. Some other features that we offer to our clients both in the monthly plan, and al la cart, include:

  • Campaign Analysis
  • A/B split testing
  • ROI analysis
  • Keyword analysis

Getting Help From a White Label PPC Services Manager

We understand that the main purpose of any marketing strategy, including PPC marketing, is to generate revenue. With this in mind, our professionals will not only help you get the traffic to your client’s website, but we can also work on your behalf to manage additional sales generated by our marketing efforts and interactions with your client. PPC management services from That! Company will give you the opportunity to grow your business.Just like a good sales representative down the hall from your office, we can deliver added value to the client relationship with your agency if the opportunity presents.

We can also advise you with regard to your own website. In order to better serve our clients in this competitive landscape, we are constantly training and improving our skills and are happy to share the availability of these to enhance your proposals to customers. Our goals include using the most effective methods and most up to date techniques available in PPC management services.

That! Company protects its client relationships and maintains consistent identity protocols. We work strictly in-house and never outsource work. It is important that you feel assured you are receiving the best care from hand-selected professionals who are dedicated to providing the top services available to you.

Perhaps your company has been faced with challenges related to growth and increasing brand visibility? If this is the case, and you haven’t worked with a top PPC marketing services provider, you should consider working with That! Company. We will help you gain the momentum you need to begin increasing your revenue and building a name for yourself in today’s digital marketing landscape. If you would like more information about the different white label marketing services we have to offer, including PPC management services, you should check out our website and chat with one of our helpful agents. Get the results you need now to help your company have a brighter future tomorrow. Expand your business overnight with intuitive marketing strategies our highly-effective team can offer.

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