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There are many White Label Providers, but they can be very different. Digital Marketing White Label Providers can also be very different in how they perform and do things. Some only provide back-end support and leave everything else up to you. Some providers are cheap overseas outsourcers and don’t provide results and end up making your company look bad. Yet there are a few Digital Marketing White Label Providers that are true and honest and provide a good service and worthy white label pricing. It’s those last ones that you really want to form a lasting partnership with. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for” and “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”, well remember them for when you are searching for a White Label Provider to be your partner, to be the ones that represent YOUR company, do you really want the cheapest option you can find? Because that is how your clients will view you. And if your only selling point is a price to your clients, well then you already lost as there will always be someone else cheaper. Besides, you really don’t want those clients that are also looking for the cheapest solutions, trust me, some things just are not worth the effort.

So how do you find the ideal White Label Providers without wasting too much time and resources or worse, hiring multiple wrong providers?

 Choosing The Right White Label | A White Arrow Sign Pointing At Different DirectionWell, here are some steps to find the right one.

1) Start with researching the differences in White Label Providers. Ask anyone either on social media or anywhere online who they would recommend. Then ask them why they recommended that specific White Label Provider. This will help you narrow down your options and choose the right one.

2) You need to ask as many as possible until you find the right providers that would be a good fit for your company. And if they turn out to be not so great, then it is time to move on and find another one that is good.

3) Ask friends and family online what they know about White Label Providers and see if they can find a good match for your business. This is often overlooked but remember your friends and family will know YOU and your dreams better than a third party.

4) Check Google for White Label Providers. Just like what your clients would be doing to find you and your services, the experience that processes yourself to find your own Digital Marketing White Label Provider.

5) Look at their portfolio as well as their features as a Digital Marketing Provider. Do they provide social media services, do they offer SEO or Google Paid Ads? Do you need those services from a White Label Provider? Will you be happy with them if they don’t, and can you expand if they do not offer everything you need?

6) Check to see if they are part of any associations that are reputable or are they just cheap overseas outsourcers. If they are the latter, then move on, as they will most likely be bad for your clients and for you.

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Research | A Girl Holding Her Chin and Thinking While In front Of A Laptop7) Ask for references from real clients if possible and ask the Digital Marketing White Label Provider for their own references as well. Some will state an excuse about NDAs, keep in mind that that is not just an excuse if they are legit then they should have those in place, and you will want them to have those with you and your clients. But you still need to have some validation about them.

8) Do they even rank or do well for the services that you are looking for? If you are looking for local SEO services as a White Label Provider, then they should rank well themselves. If you want them to provide SMM or social media services, then they should be doing that for themselves as well.

9) Research what benefits they can provide your business and see if it is worth it. Different providers can offer different benefits and resources. Like coaching or mastermind meetings or white papers and lead gen assistance.

10) Get proposals from different White Label Providers that are reputable and don’t waste time getting proposals from those that are not. Remember that you are making a partnership, you don’t want to make multiple mistakes here by selecting the wrong ones.

 11) Do a background check on the White Label Provider, find out if they have a history of cheats or any other bad issues. There are so many bad marketing companies out there. Many of you may have been burned by one. Make sure they are morally and ethically sound and not just trying to take your money.

12) Research what methods that they use to provide services and how they will do so with your company. the importance of this cannot be underestimated. Do your homework.

13) Research their experience in working with clients with similar businesses as yours. Are they able to work with your business’s needs? If not, then move on and search for another White Label Provider.

Compare and Differentiate | A White Paper OrigamiThese are just a few of the basics that you should be mindful of. Every company is going to be unique with unique goals and needs. Find the right White Label Provider Solution that is right for you. If you want to be more active with the clients and want to be the point of contact for all meetings and reports and questions or concerns the client has, then go with a provider that only does the backend work, it will be cheaper. But if you want to handle more clients and be scalable by not being the project manager for each of your clients and want a more CEO role then find a provider that offers those services that you need to assist you. Remember, think long term as you may be comfortable handling a couple of clients yourself now but if you ever want to grow it will be hard to pull back and expand without reinventing your business.

Take your time and research for the best digital marketing white label provider as you are looking for a partner that is going to support you and help you grow your business. You only want to make the choice once, so make it the right one. There are many white label providers that may look appealing or have a great-looking software application but look deeper than that, look into the business model. Are they making money off of you or are they making money WITH you? Do they charge a fee every month just to be their partner? Do they offer all the support you currently need but yet also the support you will need further down the road? And I’m not just talking about digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), or Social Media Marketing (SMM), those should be the given support, but I’m talking about business support. Will they help you grow your company? Do they help to fulfill roles that you may have needed to hire someone to do, like Sales Support, or Account Management? You can only do so much yourself as you grow, don’t be the choke point that holds your business back.

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