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#1 White Label SEO Reseller Program

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s visibility online by improving its ranking on search engines.  Approximately $72 billion was spent on SEO marketing in 2018 according to Statista. If you own or work in an online marketing agency, then mastering SEO could be the difference between excelling or failing as a business.

White Label SEO - 80% Pie Chart

Statistics suggest that up to 80% of consumers prefer organically generated search results to paid ads. This makes SEO an essential tool to have in your arsenal. Large companies have the option of investing in their in-house SEO division. Many online marketing agencies choose to outsource SEO services because of the high cost of setting up an in-house SEO division.

This article explores the ever-changing SEO landscape and the critical role that white label SEO resellers programs play. There are a few rogue SEO resellers out there but if done correctly, it could be the best decision you ever made.

White Label SEO Explained

White label SEO resellers are agencies that provide SEO services and allow their customers to resell the services as their own. They typically consist of a team of experts in SEO across various niches. White label SEO resellers work in the background, giving their customers complete freedom over the branding and pricing of the outsourced products.

Why White Label SEO Resellers? 


·        SEO is Expensive

A study done by Credo revealed that the average cost of SEO consultancies is approximately $173 every hour. A similar survey of Moz puts the value at $100 per hour. Although there are freelancers who probably charge lower, the quality of their work is not guaranteed.

The cost of setting up an SEO division is even higher. An entry level SEO personnel pockets about $60,000 per month, that is minus the tools and cost of operation. The return on investment is what determines if the price is justifiable.


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·        Increase Revenue Streams

A study conducted by Ascend2 revealed that SEO is the second most effective method of B2C marketing. It only came second to content marketing. Because of the success rate, more and more businesses continue to increase their SEO budgets. Partnering with white label SEO resellers gives you the option of re-selling the outsourced SEO services.

·        SEO Is Constantly Evolving

Before changes were made, it was possible to improve search ranking by keyword stuffing your content. Google, which is currently the largest search engine, is made up of complex codes designed to prevent stuffing. Voice-search services and local search are making SEO even harder. Only a specialized SEO service provider can keep up with the changes.

·        Frees Up Your Staff

As an owner or manager of an online marketing firm, you have other things such as website management and customer acquisition to worry about. Diverting your personnel into SEO creates a shortage in other areas of business. Letting an SEO reseller handle all the SEO related aspects of the market increases productivity.

·        You Pay on Demand

A full-time SEO division means salaries and benefits that add to your overall cost of doing business. SEO agencies may also require a monthly subscription or a contract. White label SEO resellers on the other hand, only provide the services when you need them. Lowering your cost and improving your profit margins.

·        No Need to Purchase SEO Tools

Online SEO tools are costly, and the free SEO tools available online are not reliable. Data from a survey done by Moz estimates the average cost of SEO tools every year to be at least $1000. Tools like SEM Rush Pro charge about $80 a month. A subscription to ‘advanced plan’ in Ahref costs almost $4000. Partnering with a reseller shield you from having to invest in these expensive tools.

Services Provided by Resellers

·        Keyword Research

White Label SEO - Keyword Research

The data provided by SEO tools may not reflect any sense to you. White label SEO resellers can supply you with a list of keywords that will improve your search ranking. You can then compare these keywords to what the customers’ needs and come up with a lucrative combination.

·        Content Creation

Today, a majority of SEO resellers have their content writers or trained freelancers. This saves you the cost of having to get content from content marketing agencies.

·        SEO Audit

Like SEO agencies, SEO resellers conduct an on-page review as the first step. This process yields valuable information on what your webpage needs to increase traffic.

·        Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This is a marketing method that involves creating content and posting them on various social media platforms to increase customer engagement and sharing. Consequently, the visibility of the brand or company is improved.


It is also known as Cost Per Click. In this type of marketing, an advertiser pays search engines a certain amount of money every time the ad is clicked. An advertiser bids on the number of keywords they think are relevant to their customers’ target market.

Cost Per Acquisition

This model of online marketing is also called Cost per Conversion (CPC). Unlike PPC, the advertiser will only pay if the adverts lead to an acquisition of a customer. Purchase, a form submission, signup or newsletter request are some of the types of procurement.

How Do You Select the Right Reseller? 

The services provided by White Label SEO resellers are very critical. However white label SEO resellers usually operate in the background. Any incompetence on their end costs you, clients. It is therefore crucial that you identify the right reseller to partner with. Here a few things to consider.

Level of Experience

You should ensure that an SEO reseller you chose to partner with has been in the business for long enough. Experience is an indication of the reseller’s ability to cope with the ever-changing environment.

Reviews from People

As a business, try to find other companies within your niche that have worked with the reseller you are planning to work with. Online reviews are not reliable since most of them are usually fake.


If the staff has trouble answering your questions or take too long to get back to you then look for an alternative. Ultimately, you stand to lose the most should the deal go wrong.

Cost of the Service

Affordability is an essential factor to consider. You want a reseller who charges reasonably. Low enough that you resell and make a profit, but not so small that you question the quality of the service.

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