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Bing Introduces its Facebook Friends

The battle of social networking integration is heating up in the latest salvo launched by Microsoft.   Microsoft recently released a new round of ads for the Bing search engine that touts Facebook integration, which it considers a selling point over Google.   Facebook’s Like button continues to dominate the social media space and Google […]

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Facebook Profanity Rampant

Something foul on Facebook.   The number of profanity incidents has, up until now, gone unrecorded.   Reppler, an online reputation management tools company, surveyed 30,000 users and found 47 percent of the respondents have profanity on their Facebook walls. Of those users, 80 percent have at least one profane post or comment from a […]

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Facebook Like vs Google +1

By Mike Knorr   This battle was won before Google +1 ever existed. Mark Zuckerberg knows the importance of being first. Ask the Winklevoss twins how important they believe being first is. When the like button was released in April 2010 Zuckerberg expected it to serve 1 billion Likes on websites in 24 hours. Since […]

History of Skype: Infographic

Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion earlier this month has caused quite a stir on the Internet. Do you use Skype? If so, what for? Many people are wondering how the Internet telephone service will change under new ownership. It could be the most expensive purchase in Microsoft’s history. Which means, the software […]

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Google Music is Here

Google launched its music service Tuesday. Question: What impact do you think Google Music will have on the music industry? The Google Music Beta is invite only, but the company announced it will be added to the platform soon. During the invitation period the beta is free. The service will be available on Android devices, […]

Social Location Apps: Infographic of the Week

The infographic created by the Social-Loco Conference 2011 breaks down how people with smart phones are using social location applications. So far, restaurants, cafes and bars garner the most check ins. Social location apps include, Facebook Places, Twitter, Groupon, Foursquare, living Social and Yelp. Click here or on the photo for the full version of […]

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Tracking Facebook Likes

Since Facebook rolled out its iconic Like button almost two years ago, more than 2.5 million websites have installed it. But among the innumerable hordes of people liking things through Facebook – from bands to books to restaurants to retail stores to non profit organizations – there’s been no way for individuals or brands to […]