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You First Google Adwords Campaign – Part Three

Building A Good Keyword List Now that you understand the match types, let’s look at how you can build a good keyword list. There are many different tools and ways for going about building a good list. Below I’ll list a few of them and then go into more detail on each. Organic research Keyword […]

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Your First Google Adwords Campaign – Part Two

Tips On Creating An Effective Ad The thing about creating an effective ad is making sure that it blends in with the rest of the campaign seemlessly. What I mean by this is that your Ads should be just a step in the natural progression of someone doing a search and ultimately finding their desired […]

Your First Google Adwords Campaign – Part One

(Note this is being written just prior to the “new” Adwords interface being set to launch, and I’m sure the set up process will change somewhat. I would hope that they keep the key concepts close enough to the current format that this will still help you along.) The Set Up   Setting up a […]

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Turn to Influencers Who Share Your Brand

What’s the issue with branded content in any case? Most branded substance is publicizing under a thin layer of data or diversion. Scratch the paint, discover an advertisement. It’s simply the brand putting first. Branded substance is self-serving, and your following knows it. Don’t make it yourself. Rather utilize influencers. Influencer promoting is ordinarily exhibited […]

Don’t Take It Personally

Many times in life we hear things that we don’t like or we get advice we sometimes do not want or ask for, it happens and sometimes we don’t like it other times we take it with a grain of salt and move on. However in business we sometimes take things very personal, we may […]

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