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Tips to Keep Your Blog Traffic Returning for More

Tips to Keep Your Blog Traffic Returning for More

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Let’s actually start this off with a question: Why do you blog? Does Blog Traffic Matter?

First and foremost, blogging can be a lot of fun. It allows you to express yourself and share your thoughts with a potentially huge audience.

Second and probably the most popular reason is, when done correctly, blogging may help you or your company position yourself as an authority in your subject.

Finally, blogging can significantly boost the number of individuals that visit your site. So, if you write effectively and blog on a topic that has a lot of interest, you may wind up getting a lot of visitors to your website. And we all know what greater website blog traffic means: more sale offers and income.

So, how do you go about starting a profitable blog? Consider this. Let’s imagine, like a whirlwind affair, you suddenly become popular on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and a flood of visitors pour in to see your work. What can you do to keep these people coming? Many new bloggers believe that appearing on a prominent site will boost their blog traffic for the rest of eternity, but in truth, they will be back to normal in a matter of hours. However, there are a few things you can do to improve the number of individuals who return regularly.

The objective of any social bookmarking site is to develop popularity regularly enough to maintain high amounts of blog traffic and persuade people to remain while they are there. Very much like SEO, you need to position yourself as an authority within a topic or industry. As you may expect, the greater your readership, the simpler it will be to reach the top of any social bookmarking service. So here are simple tips to retain that traffic!

  1. Blog Traffic Quality | A Man Holding A Big Pencil Checking A ChecklistKeep a quality “pillar” piece on hand at all times. When you reach a popular home page and blog traffic begins to flow, publish that content right away. This will show all those individuals that you publish fantastic material regularly, and they will be more inclined to return.
  2. Consider giving a reward in connection with your article. For example, if you posted an article on the Apple iPod, have readers sign up on your blog to be notified when a free iTunes download is available. This not only keeps customers coming back but also offers you access to their email addresses for future marketing.
  3. Maintain easy access to your RSS feed subscription on your page. At the bottom of your posts, you may also put a link to subscribe to your feeds. If you can get them to join up, they will pay attention to whatever you publish in the future. Ease of access to subscribe is the key here.
  4. Typically, an increase in blog traffic will increase the number of comments. Stay close to your computer and react to the comments, attempting to develop a dialogue to pique people’s attention. People frequently ask questions on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Set up social media notifications to watch keywords and then jump into discussions to answer their inquiries with a link back to a related article on your website. You may also search social networking websites for your brand name, connections, chats, and other information. Or have a social media management company that is following your profile, looking for the best material you can use to get recognized. Engagement is crucial. Look for a program that tracks social mentions to keep you up to date on any new posts that may interest you.

[bctt tweet=”blogging can significantly boost the number of individuals that visit your site. So, if you write effectively and blog on a topic that has a lot of interest, you may wind up getting a lot of visitors to your website.” username=”ThatCompanycom”]
  1. Use Social Media For Blogs | A Girl Holding Her Phone With Floating Icons Of Like And Heart Reactions For FacebookInstall a plugin that allows users to be alerted of new comments on the article if you’re using WordPress, which you should be. This is also a terrific method to keep your site fresh and urge people to return without directly soliciting them which could be viewed as spammy.
  2. From within your article, cross-promote the various social bookmarking platforms. Just because someone came via StumbleUpon does not imply that they do not utilize Reddit. Keep these buttons available so that readers may share your content with other services while they’re there.
  3. On your blog, promote content “teasers.” “Tune in next week for my special interview with Michael J. Knorr,” for example, would be a teaser. They will very certainly return and subscribe to your feed. This is the same strategy used by retail establishments for their approaching sale.
  4. Initiate contact. This might include polls, quizzes, contests, forums, and games, as previously noted. Create a page on your blog with little flash games for visitors to play. This keeps people on your site for longer amounts of time and may entice them to return since they had a good time when they were there.
  5. Maintain a clean and lag-free website design. There are plenty of excellent WordPress themes on the market. The issue is that many newcomers expect to utilize a theme with all the bells and whistles. These themes are not always the best option for your website’s design as they slow down response times. Bad website design prevents people from spending more time on your blog, resulting in fewer page views. An excellent design, on the other hand, encourages them to find more material, explore new regions, and spend more time. Users frequently ask us how to select the best theme. Our response is to always strive for simplicity. A theme that is basic, clean, and functional produces a good first impression and provides the greatest user experience.c You can also have a white label web design team, which suits your needs perfectly.

Blog Publishing | A Typewriter With Crumpled Papers On The Side10. Provide a job posting board. Gather listings from some of the freelancing directories and integrate them into your article for fast gratification. You may even charge for inclusion and earn extra money this way. People will return regularly to see whether any new job openings have been advertised.

11. Optimize Your Website Speed to Make Your Pages Load Faster. No one likes to wait for a website to load in this age of immediate gratification. Users will abandon your website before it even loads if it is too sluggish. Website speed and page loading time are also essential ranking considerations for search engines like Google. You must improve your WordPress performance to ensure that your website loads quickly. This involves using caching, avoiding unneeded clutter, and optimizing your images. Page speed is critical to many aspects of getting results, from both eh users and search engines. The first thing Google posts about any search…is the time it took to find the results. Speed is what made Google the number one search engine, if it is valuable to them, then don’t you think it should be a big consideration for you as well?

12. Publish Your Blog Posts Instantly. When we say you should establish an email list, we don’t mean you should abandon your social media efforts. On the other hand, we encourage you to continue establishing a social media following on all of the major social networks, as well as identify new specialized sites to investigate. The issue with social networking platforms is that you must produce material on a regular basis to keep your accounts active and generate blog traffic. Utilize the content in your blogs to tease out on your Social Media platforms. Read More, is key to leveraging organic Social Media postings in order to drive blog traffic back to your website.

Written by, Merton Clemence

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