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What is bounce rate and how can I improve it?

bounce rate

Out of the several metrics website owners should be paying attention to, bounce rate is up there. Bounce rate is often overlooked and is a measurement of getting people to stay on your website instead of popping in… then popping out.

So what can you do to improve it?

1. Content is king and you should really try to create better. Most of the time, if somebody leaves, it’s due to them not seeing what they had expected. If it doesn’t tell them who you are, what you do or explain what they should do next – your page isn’t fulfilling an important need.

2. Improve your website navigation. Most of your visitors are looking for something specific so, make it easy for them to find it. Pages or menus need to be clear and prominent. If your potential customer has to click through four or five pages to find that “golden” nugget, chances are your bounce rate will be pretty high.

3. Ensure you have clear calls to action. Have you ever landed on a web page and thought, “what do I do next?”  I know I have read an article or watched a video and was unsure of my next action. Confused people do NOTHING. Have a link with additional information or capture their information so you can give them more information.  Make it obvious and easy for them to take the next step or contact you.

If you implement these steps, you will have higher quality traffic, people will spend more time on your website and your bounce rate will improve. I also means the user experience will be better and that is the goal of any website owner.

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