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Campaign Optimization Choices

Ways in Optimizing Paid Campaigns

Ways in Optimizing Paid Campaigns | A Megaphone

Optimization is the most important thing to do in running a successful ad campaign. It is the process of analyzing the client’s campaigns results, refining them, and giving solutions to any campaign problems to maximize the ROI. Campaign optimization is just simply the process of improving and can be applied from biddings, campaign targeting, landing pages experience, and ad creatives.

Our PPC metrics will depend on our campaign goals and whether if we are testing or scaling. As we are in a white label PPC management services, we are obliged to provide our client’s campaign the best results. White labeling is the best way for campaigns to improve their performance by merging into a fully optimized campaign that will go beyond PPC management.

There are no ways to run a campaign with trial and error to help us find the best path to a positive Return on Investment (ROI). The metrics we should focus on will depend on our end goals.

There’s a parcel to consider when optimizing your PPC endeavors. Here are the best few things advertisers check out when they are working on account performance.

Monitoring paid search campaigns can ruin advertisers. Sometimes, it took us seconds, minutes, and even an hour to optimize an account and trying to figure out the problem and metrics to focus on.

It is deeply planted in data and this comes in quickly after we launch a new campaign. But, the data can sometimes create another issue because there’s a lot of data sometimes and you do not know what to look at to make the decision – or at least what to focus on or look at first.

Before we will start campaign optimization, we have to make sure that we have an understanding of what will be our main goal for a campaign. Otherwise, we will be optimizing everything and we ended up undoing your progress.

Let’s take a look at some ways to optimize a paid search campaign.


Campaign Optimization | A Hand Pointing at A Hologram Icon of MegaphoneIn advertising multiple campaigns, it is important to know which campaign is performing best for our primary KPI or key performance indicator and its supporting role. An example would be, a paid search will always receive higher conversions rather than the Youtube campaign or other campaigns, but it doesn’t mean that Youtube is not a working campaign it is just that the paid search is getting the credit for.

We have to take time in understanding which is the best performing campaign and knows to allocate your budget properly. With that, we can make sure that the clients’ monthly budget will be spent properly and not just on a waste spent.

The Budget & Impression Share

this is another way of campaign optimization. This particularly depends on your bidding on your branded terms. You should review the impression share for areas where you are protecting your branded keywords and other terms that regularly convert.

If you are falling on your share due to a limited budget, you should have to re-examine how you allocated your budget.

Day Parting Adjustment

 A bid adjustment can be done at every different level. But, normally manual bid adjustment is done at the keyword level. However, there are many different levels in paid search campaigns where you can optimize and apply bid adjustment beyond that. And, adjusting bids by an hour of day or day of a week is one of those options. Another consideration is excluding certain times on a week that is based on performance to ensure good results.

Location Bid Adjustment

Most of the time this level is overlooked by any advertisers, but the performance by location is very important to look at. Some location performs differently from other locations. If the campaign is running nationwide, it is also important to know how much budget should a huge place spent versus how well it received conversions. Similar to Dayparting adjustment, you can either increase or decrease the bid according to its performance.

Search Query Analysis & Negative Keywords

 This where you should monitor the search terms of all your searchers if it is still matched with your keywords. This will help you identify what queries we don’ want to appear. This is where negative keywords come in preventing waste spend.

Search Partner Exclusion

 Google Search Partners won’t let you do the bidding adjustment – it’s an all-or-nothing option but you either include or exclude them. Look at all performance between Google Search and Search Partners on a campaign basis. If it performs well then you can include them but if it doesn’t then get rid of it.

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Keyword For Campaign Optimization

Keyword For Campaign Optimization | A Man Holding A Laptop While There are Some Keys Floating Around Him With The Word Keyword The most common level to look at during the campaign optimization. Keyword bid adjustments were already mentioned above, but the point of the keyword is to review the performance against the goal. Check if certain keywords are not performing anymore but spending a lot of the budget? Then these keywords should have to be removed.

Landing Pages

This is often overlooked when it comes to performance because they are not part of the ads account directly, but this is crucial to the performance of an account. Sometimes, brands are unwilling to invest in a landing page but these landing pages are the ones that are responsible for converting a user. The keywords and aads will get users to the websites and landing pages are the one who closes the deal.

Ad Copy

This is another level wherein a paid search should be tested and optimized as well. You should check on which ads have the highest click-through rate and which has the lowest cost per conversion. Google has created features like an experiment to help you test and embrace them.


This is also important in reviewing its performance. We have to know if the pages and the landing pages of our campaigns are even mobile-friendly. And, let us compare on which devices are the campaign is performing well either on a computer, mobile, or tablets. We can do bidding adjustment out of its performance and exclude devices as well.


Campaign Strategy | Someone is Typing in A Laptop With Holograms Showings An AD Icon, Messaging Web, Searching and Graph.We have to review how our remarketing list is performing and will make adjustments out of those results. Add as many audiences at the observation level and watch how each audience compares to your baseline users.

Match Type Strategy

We have the broad, phrase, and exact match types, and these match types have their different roles in each keyword. So, we have to examine what will be the best match type for our campaigns and make some decisions to maximize the cost versus the conversion metrics in each account.

Use of Experiments In Campaign Optimization

This is a great feature of Google Ads the experiment features. This is helpful when you want to try some campaign optimizations but are nervous about their results. his tool will help you to duplicate the existing campaign, change the areas you want to do the testings, and launch it to run alongside the original campaign.


Sometimes, optimizing our Whitelabel partner’s account is quite confusing because we don’t know what are to optimize first for the best PPC result. But first, this depends on our overall goal with the account. Second, it depends on the current situation of the campaign and how does it perform. Well, bottom line is that there are several different levels of paid search to look at in optimizing a certain account that needs to be reviewed, analyze, and optimized regularly. The data will give you the hint on where to check first. So you have to pay attention to every data on your every campaign.

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