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Can I Do My Own PPC Campaign?

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You absolutely can do your own PPC. Many individuals and companies do their own campaigns. Pay-per-click advertising is for everyone, not just the experts. But that’s the real question, then – do you want your PPC campaign expertly done?

Look at it this way – if you’re not a trained and experienced programmer, would you build your own specialty app? Probably not. This would mean choosing to study app programming for a few years and then going through the process of trial and error until you get your app just the way you want it. That would take too long and be far too expensive. You’re more likely to hire a professional programmer to get white label software built for you. Whether you hire an individual or a company, it’s the more reasonable route.

In this post, we’ll run through the advantages and disadvantages of running your own PPC campaigns. Then we’ll look at why we think you should hire specialists and what kinds, based on different needs.

DIY PPC Campaigns

Do Your Own PPC Campaign | A Man Typing On A LaptopDo you want to do your own PPC? Is DIY PPC even possible? Absolutely! There are several perks to having an expert on-hand for your PPC advertising needs. However, you have the option not to. PPC platforms aren’t a closed club for only an elite group of people. They are accessible to anyone. Anybody can make a PPC account and begin advertising their business.

Do you fall into the category of a sole proprietor or small enterprise? Are you only beginning to set foot in the PPC advertising space? Then this option is ideal for you. If you already possess some digital marketing expertise, then you’ve got yourself a head start.


1. Familiar

As its creator, nobody has the same insight, knowledge, and familiarity with your business. You’re the one who has the vision and the goal for your business. Even if there are people who can help you a great deal in the pursuit of these business objectives – people who know the weather conditions or the behavior of the sea – you are the captain of the ship.

As the owner, it’s unlikely that anyone else will have the same care that you do for your business. Additionally, no one will desire for your business to be successful as much as you. That being said, if your business fails, “the captain goes down with the ship.” You also shoulder the consequences. You likely already have this in mind, which means you will work harder than anyone else to reach success in PPC campaigns and marketing, for instance. You may not be as efficient or as knowledgeable as an actual PPC professional, able to discern which actions to take at all times. However, you are likely to work twice as hard and put exponentially more heart into growing your business.

2. Flexible

When you partner with a PPC company or hire an expert, there are certain processes you have to go through. This includes waiting for their recommendations and proposals before taking major action. If you take care of the PPC management on your own, you won’t have to deal with any red tape or contracts. You can also address potential problems that arise much quicker without having to consult a third party before making a decision. Because you know the needs of your business, you can come up with your own strategy that’s tailored to those requirements.

3. Manageable Costs

If you don’t hire PPC experts and their management services, then naturally, you will be investing time instead of additional finances to run the campaign. Naturally, if you hire a PPC agency you’ll have to weigh the investment you make with them along with any contract length of terms commitments.

Small enterprises and sole proprietors often face the hurdle of financial constraints. Some do not have the resources to spend on PPC advertising and when money is low, they become apprehensive thinking about their return on investment. When you run your own PPC campaign and marketing, you have more control over budgeting, can manage your spending more efficiently, and choose the risks you take financially.

[bctt tweet=” When you run your own PPC campaign and marketing, you have more control over budgeting, can manage your spending more efficiently, and choose the risks you take financially.” username=”ThatCompanycom”]


Professional | A Man In A Suit1.“The Cheap Comes Out Expensive In The End”

When you lack sufficient knowledge or experience, there is a higher chance of making the wrong decisions and mismanaging your PPC marketing campaign. Professionals don’t just learn the technical aspects of PPC. If they’ve worked with a good number of businesses before, they have experience with different management styles. This means they would likely know which method of PPC campaign implementation works best for your specific business. It is easy to make your first campaign on Google Ads and start paying for advertising. However, that also could lead to bad decision-making when you don’t have the appropriate knowledge to allocate your funds to an effective and cost-efficient ad campaign. The common quote “The Cheap Comes Out Expensive In The End” applies here. What you don’t pay in management fees you pay in wasted budget as you learn from your mistakes.

Keep in mind that when you pay for experts, you are paying for quality. You may be able to put together a PPC campaign on your own, but is it really worth the funding if you can’t produce quality output. If you choose to manage your own PPC advertising, you could also run into issues that you don’t know how to fix and would not have any professional guidance to assist you. So if you aren’t confident in your ability to manage a quality PPC campaign, it may be best to hire some expert help.

Additionally, running your own PPC campaign entails investing in the right tools. PPC advertisers invest in certain third-party tools that give them the upper hand over others by improving their PPC marketing. If you decide to manage your own PPC marketing, however, you would have to invest your own funds into these tools, which may not be feasible.

2. Back to School

If you’re going to manage your own PPC advertising, you will need to learn how PPC works and how to effectively run a PPC campaign. Fortunately, there is a myriad of resources online to provide you with the necessary information. However, it is important to do proper research and exercise discernment to ensure you are learning from accurate informative sources.

When you consider all the things you have to learn about PPC, including campaign creation, optimization, and implementation, you realize how much of a time investment it is. Considering that there are other aspects to your business that need attending to, your time is limited and therefore valuable.

All the time you spend on PPC training could be more effectively used for improving other areas of your business. Evaluate how you spend your time. Are you using your time efficiently? What other things could you accomplish with that time?

Final Thoughts

PPC Campaigns | A Group Of People Creating A Megaphone Icon Viewed From TopAs mentioned above, you can do your own PPC for sure. We don’t recommend it, however, consider using white label PPC services or hiring a freelance or in-house expert. Business owners sometimes have to be all-rounders. If you’re a small business or a sole proprietor, that may be the case for you. The question really is, should you be doing your own PPC management on top of other business needs? Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of what DIY PPC entails and the benefits and drawbacks that exist.

Written By: Julia

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