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Combining SEO and Social in 10 Steps

Over the weekend on Venture Beat, there was a great article on the most important SEO and Social Marketing steps you can take in 2012.  VentureBeat provides news about innovation for forward-thinking executives. It covers a range of technology trends, from social media to mobile, clean technology, games and chips.  The highlights were:


1. Get an onsite SEO audit


An onsite SEO audit is the foundation of your SEO campaign. Getting one will help you answer questions like: Are your title and meta tags optimized? How’s your keyword density? Have you correlated certain pages with certain keywords? Is that evident in the copy?


2. Register your brand name on the major social channels


If you’re reading this and you don’t have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, stop right now and go claim your brand name on both. Simply having a brand presence on these channels will improve your search engine rankings, because it proves credibility and authority to the search engines.


3. Distribute content via your social channels


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Whether you post a new blog and syndicate it via your social channels or simply send a “Good morning!” tweet to your followers, you need to produce and distribute content.


4. Display your social media “connect” buttons on every page of your website


Allowing your website visitors to easily connect with your brand helps you in several ways. First, it maximizes the value of every website visitor. If they’re not ready to buy your product but they’re interested in doing so down the road, they at least have the option to follow you on Twitter.


5. Enable your visitors to easily share your content with social media “share” buttons


Enabling visitors to easily share your content by giving them social sharing buttons is one of the easiest and most effective ways to essentially crowdsource the syndication of your content in a completely organic way.


6. Build your email list


There’s no reason not to build your email list. Capturing value from your website visitors starts with capturing their contact information, and nothing is more valuable than an opted-in email address.


7. Get on the Pinterest bandwagon


By now you’ve at least heard the name, but if you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, it’s time to do so.


8. Publish awesome content on your blog (lots of it!)


I like to think of every page of content on a site as another hook in the water. The more content your site has, the higher the chance it’ll be returned as a search result, yielding more organic (free) search traffic.


9. Start an SEO link building campaign


If having more content is like having more hooks in the water, then building links to that content is like baiting those hooks. The most important signal to search engines of the quality, relevance, and credibility (and ranking) of a page is the quantity and quality of the inbound links to that page.


10. Author guest blog posts


Make a list of the top 25 dream sites in your industry you’d love to be published on, then reach out to each one and offer to write a guest blog post.



You can read the whole article here:

Top 10 most important SEO & social media marketing tactics of 2012 | VentureBeat


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