Comparing Adwords Campaign

Last Updated on October 10, 2019

Comparing Your Adwords Campaign To The Competition’s Campaign

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see the inside of top competitors’ Adwords campaigns and compare their results to your own Adwords campaigns? Although we can not see information such as conversions and CPAs, we do have the ability to compare some useful data against our top competitors in the Auction Insights view.

The Auction Insights tab may be found at the Campaign, Adgroup, and Keyword levels of your Adwords account. It often gets overlooked in favor of other commonly used tabs, such as the Adgroup view and the Keyword view, where bid adjustments can be made. But the information displayed in the Auction Insights can be just as useful.

Impression Share information can be found in the Auction Insights tab, which compares how often a competitor’s ad received an impression at the same time your ad received an impression for the designated keywords used. And example would be when your Impression share is 69.50%, and competitor has an impression share of 41.00%.

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Other information that can be found in the Auction Insights tab are the Overlap Rate, Position Above Rate, Top Of Page Rate, Outranking Share, and Avg. Position. All of these views can be very useful to those who are competitive and looking to stay on top of competitors with their Adwords campaign.

— Bobby Pena, PPC Manager

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