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White Label Digital Marketing or Direct Clients: Why You Should Choose That! Company

digital marketing in white label or directOne of the hardest things to do at the end of every week is to decide whom to give the company coin to during our Friday coin meetings. You would think this is an easy task to handle, but the truth is it not an easy decision to make. Everyone at That Company! works tremendously hard every hour of every day. We are all one big family who is now working remotely to continue to service our clients’ digital marketing needs. We find more family members every day through new clients and white label partners.

coin cultureThe reason it is so hard to make the decision of who gets that coin is that everyone exemplifies the values of the company. Each employee deserves a coin for their efforts, but unfortunately, it is only given to one person. During this challenging time, you are probably asking yourself what kind of company you would want to work with for your digital marketing efforts. At That! Company, everyone is honest, generous, kind, thoughtful, and lives to inspire. These are the values engraved on the back of the coin. Let me explain why these are not only company values, but how they extend to our clients and partners.

Digital Marketing Backed by Honesty

Everyone who works at That! Company is honest. We handle business-sensitive information and make decisions with advertising budgets daily. If you cannot trust us, then who can you trust? We are upfront about what trends we see coming and what is currently happening with your business’s digital marketing. Whether you need to increase or decrease your budget—we will let you know “how it is.” We will also let you know if your website needs to be updated to increase traffic and make sure all marketing efforts work effectively.

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We must trust each other during this time to move forward and continue re-building our businesses, including the American economy. You can trust us with your clients and with your digital marketing needs. We believe that communication is key, and honesty is the best policy.


digital marketing through generosityGenerosity is a stronghold of every single employee at That! Company. Everyone is being generous with their time to help other employees out in times of need or time-sensitive situations. We all help in multiple departments to aid each other to obtain the same goal of consistent success. I can count on anyone in the PPC (Pay Per Click) department, SEO department, Upper management, HR, and Accounting if anything was ever needed.

We have some of the kindest people who work in a highly stressful environment. These co-workers are generous with their time inside and outside the office to various organizations. Any time a co-worker is in a pinch, whether it be a flat, or unfortunate incident, typically a fellow co-worker has the tool or ability to fix the situation. We pool our resources together to efficiently solve the problem to get each other back on track.

Kindness Starts at the Top

Kindness is the key to be able to survive as a company in the digital marketing world. We all understand that at the end of the day we are human. Life throws us many curve balls such as the current pandemic we are in. Out of the kindness of his heart, the CEO, Ken Knorr, decided to send us home as soon as possible to work remotely. When we began working remotely, the IT man himself, Arturo, dedicated most of his time helping anyone in the company who had connectivity issues. The amount of work he put in was out of the kindness and respect he has for all of us.

Doris in Accounting has had to learn a whole new system while working remotely and dedicates many late-night hours to ensure our accounts are handled. Ty has put in various late-night hours designing systems for us that make our remote experience smoother. These are only a few examples of kindness from some of the staff.

Everyone in the PPC department, SEO Department, Accounting, Upper Management, and That Company work hard for each other and are here to support your digital marketing needs. The amount of sacrifice and arduous work that is happening around us during this time is beyond thoughtful.

Thoughtful People

Being thoughtful at That! Company is another core value that helps us decide who should get the coin. Even while writing this blog, it is hard to pinpoint certain individuals because truly everyone exemplifies all these traits. There are many times where co-workers cover for each other if they need it or assist with a task if they need an extra hand. Teamwork makes the dream work at the end of the day.

We are always thoughtful in the good times and in the troubled times that life can bring us. When the times are good, we celebrate success; in the tough times, we are there to be support for one another. I cannot thank my co-workers enough for some of the tough times they have helped me get through. My co-workers inspire me all the time, whether it is work or life-related.

Inspired Digital Marketing

digital marketing should inspireInspiration is all around us at That! Company. Reading books, staying up to date with certifications, creating new business ideas, and teaching each other how to further improve one’s skills—these examples run continually among the staff. I have learned something inspirational from every single co-worker. All it takes is the time to listen to each person’s story and understand where they are coming from as an individual. We each try to understand from our point of view, but at the end of the day, another person’s perspective can give insight into an area one may have never thought. We inspire each other to learn and to grow into the best version of ourselves by pushing each other to the potential we each know we have. As a company, we are always learning innovative marketing strategies and monitoring the newest digital marketing methods that become available.

Finally, all the staff characteristics I have shared with you are supposed to convince you to become a digital marketing white-label or a client of our digital marketing services. I did not even want to mention the services because I wanted to give you some insight into the people who will be handling your clients and your personal budgets. We handle every advertising dollar as if it were our own. Everyone at That! Company is honest, generous, kind, thoughtful, and inspires everyone around them to be the best while gaining experience on the road to success. See how our certified and experienced consultants can help your business survive. Our PPC consultants are focused on your return on investment while getting you the cheapest cost per click. Our SEO consultants are focused on your organic growth and rankings.

During this time, you are probably wondering what you should do with your digital marketing budget? Should you double down or hunker down – marketing choices during COVID19? Please take a few minutes and read how your digital marketing can survive. Our CEO, Ken Knorr, has written an agency survival guide to help inform you of what is going on in today’s digital marketing world. Let us help your clients or business’s digital marketing survive.

Written by Joe S.

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