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9 Emotional Hooks That Will Make a Better Content Writing

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Emotional Hooks For Content Writing | A Light Bulb, Pencils and Sharpener On The Top of A Notebook

In the world of E-commerce, the first impression is very important. It is good that you grab your customer right away. From the moment they click on your brand they should feel the connection with you. Most importantly, customers should feel that they need you. It is proven that building connection with customers creates high customer retention and brand loyalty.

Here are 9 Emotional Hooks That Will Make Content Writing Better:

1. Use Your Content to Tell A Story

Content Writing | A Girl Writing On A Notebook In front Of A LaptopCustomers are fond of reading stories and excited to know what comes next. By doing so to your content make them interested in your services or product especially stories that tell amusement and unique experience. It has a higher appeal to those who are not having experience with it that can be your new buyer. As an example, a startup company tells a story of how they grow from scratch and making it a large business entity. It is inspiring and the people will be interested in what is the real content of your offers so they would consider buying it.

2. Leverage The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Since we all know that your customer likes stories you can now try new things in delivering your story or playing tricks with them. Instead of making it readily available in one read, you may also keep the story hanging to make them wait for the continuation. This will allows you to know who is really hooked with the strategy. It creates anxiety, excitement, and anticipation. But make sure not to make this too long. Remember that your customers are busy working or studying that they can even forget the connection that you built.

3. Make Your Audience Feel Special and Powerful

Customers classify their purchases as needs and want. We are fully aware of the needs purchases, these are the things that we should buy to survive and wants are the things we want to buy as an additional item. But what is these wants can contribute to our life? Most of them are things that can make our customers feel special and powerful. Normally, it applies to high-end, exclusive, and limited-edition products. Possession of these kinds of products somehow builds identity.

Let your content be a paint of what your customer will achieve if they avail your product. Seeing the worth of the product in your content writing makes them interested in you because they know they are following a business that gives importance to quality.

4. Create A Feeling of Belonging

Emotional Hooks For Content Writing | A Silhouette Of Group Of Friends Sitting On Top Of A Car Watching The SunsetPositioning your business forbrand awareness as a formal business entity may create intimidation with your customer. Sometimes you need to break the wall that separates from customer to business owners. It will them feel that they are welcome to your world. It will be easy for them to ask and communicate with your product offerings. Higher engagement is expected with this kind of strategy too. You want your clients to feel safe and part of your business.

5. Use Mystery to Make Your Content Writing More Compelling

Ask your customers the right questions that make them think? Get into their minds. Making a hot topic that has relation with their past experiences, hobbies, and interests will result in high engagements. Curiosity inside them will keep coming back to your page. One example of this is making your title a question, if the customer relates with your question or currently having the same question 100%, he or she will click on that to know the answers.

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6. Promise To Help Your Audience Achieve Their Goals Through Content Writing

The first step in helping your customers is to know the problem. Yes, there are tons of problems that need to be addressed but focus on one that will lead to your business. For example, you are selling a lunch box, your content should speak directly to those people who are every day going outside whether to school or office. The main problem of these markets is packing lunch makes their food not fresh by the time they are going to eat it. To solve their problem, you need to provide a solution by making innovations of prolonging the freshness of food even after 3-5 hours of doing the task. Show them the materials that you used in making this solution and present it very well that they don’t need to think of any circumstances that your item won’t work because it should work. It should be the problem solver.

7. Use humor In Content Writing

Content Writing Ideas | A Dog Wearing Eyeglasses In Front Of A LaptopCreate an inside joke that only your customers can understand. Making them happy is the greatest way to build a connection. Making someone’s happiness is a big effort to ease whatever struggle they are into. To make your content writing light and easy to read that they do not feel the length of content they are reading while informing them. You simply hit 2 birds with one stone effortlessly. But be careful with your jokes that they might be offensive. Instead of gaining customers, it turns out that they will hate your business.

8. Surprise Your Audience

If you are done taking notes of 1 to 7 tips, our next tip is how to make your customer stay on the page by not feeling bored or lacking in the excitement of what they are reading. Adding up some surprises is one key. Giving your readers the twist that they are not expecting will engage them more to continue following, reading, and patronizing your business. Let them know that your product is continuous innovation and that you never stop giving solutions to their problems.

9. Incorporate Pop Culture Into Your Content Writing

Using a Pop Culture in content is the traditional way of making their content writing interesting. You may be hesitant to do this, but believe when they said, “history repeats itself”. You may consider the following reason to use this in your next content. First, it will help you build a relationship. You can capture those who are pet lovers, feminists, environmental activists, or simply hilarious types of people by simply putting up images, clips, and gifs that reflect who are they in real life. Second, it helps you know your customers better by their reaction to your topics. Needless to say, you should know their lifestyle like what kind of shows are they into and if they are kept on track with trending ones. Lastly, it can incorporate a soft sell. Use Pop culture content that matches the product that you are selling to keep them reminded of what’s the purpose of the content writing and the reason why they should buy it.


The task of content writing falls on the shoulders of a professional writer. Content writing isn’t just about having good grammar or using appropriate vocabulary; it’s an art form that requires tapping into the emotional connection between consumers and brands. This could be done through humor, self-reflection, or even vulnerability—anything can work so long as it feels genuine and speaks to a larger cultural issue.

Your content needs to have a personality of its own, even if your brand has one. While you may be trying to rank using white label SEO services or getting help with a good white label social media management campaign, that is not the sole purpose of your content. A good piece of content becomes an experience for the consumer, and you must give them something they can connect with on an emotional level.

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