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Google adds to its social network development team

With Google’s latest purchase of Ângströ, a service dedicated to delivering search results on a person’s professional network, it’s likely an effort by the search engine giant to build a solid competitor to Facebook.

“With the help of investors like CommerceNet and advisers such as Avery Lyford, our team shipped apps to discover hot new photos on Facebook, improve Caller ID by using LinkedIn profiles, adding style and links to Twitter, create a real-time social address book, and a slew of other services,” the company released in a company statement on its website.

Ângströ founder Dr. Rohit Khare has already joined Google, according to the Los Angeles Times. Khare also founded the RSS service KnowNow. He was also the director of CommerceNet Labs.

Google has been trying to develop social networking to rival Facebook. Khare will be helping to develop Google Me, the company’s “still-unconfirmed social network,” according to Mashable.


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