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Keyword Insertion and Proper Punctuation

Writing the proper ad for Google is essential for any advertiser. Using the proper keyword, punctuation of the keywords and having a professional looking ad is the ultimate goal. With the keyword insertion function for ads, you can intimate the ad with appropriate keywords from your keyword list to target the ad to what the potential customer is searching for. Here are some examples and the proper coding to use with the {keyword: } snippet.

  • {keyword:Example} would show an inserted keyword with no capitalization in the keyword
    insertion since the “k” in keyword is not capitalized. If we inserted “test for ad” into the ad, it
    would be all lower case looking like this “test for ad”
  • {Keyword:Example} would show the first letter of the first word only capitalized, so inserting “test for ad” would show “Test for ad” in the ad.
  • {KeyWord:Example} would show the first letter of each word capitalized, so “test for ad” would show “Test For Ad”
  • {KEYWord:Example} would show with the entire first word capitalized and the first letter of each additional word capitalized, so “test for ad” would show as “TEST For Ad”
  • {KeyWORD:Example} would show the first letter of the first word, and the entirety of each additional word ad capitalized, so “test for ad” would show as “Test FOR AD”
  • {KEYWORD:Example} this one works the same as {KeyWord:Example}, with the first letter of each word that is replaced in the ad being capitalized, so “test for ad” looks like “Test For Ad}

You need to choose the proper keyword insertion into the ads as to not show excessive capitalization, so your ads are not disapproved. Utilize the full punctuation of the keyword only if the natural spelling of the word is all caps, otherwise ads can be disapproved. I hope this helps in your next ad creation!

Written By: Ed Cehi – PPC

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