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As a marketing agency, one of your top concerns will be attracting more clients and achieving growth. The best way to grow your business is to scale up your operations to meet customer demand. But what if you don’t have enough resources, expertise, or time to provide certain marketing services? In these situations, it may be best to consider becoming an SEO reseller.

While being a reseller of SEO is profitable for someone with the right skills and experience, it has one serious flaw: you’re responsible for all client communications. This means that if you want to grow your business by referring more clients, you need to have marketing and sales skills in addition to technical knowledge. That’s not an issue if this person is not a small business owner who needs everything done themselves, but scaling is difficult.

On the other hand, White Label SEO means that the white label SEO provider who is providing SEO services on behalf of the agency communicates with the agency’s customers rather than the agency themselves. This allows the Agency to scale much more easily because it is only responsible for marketing and sales, not daily client issues and communications. When deciding on what kind of SEO reseller services to provide, you need to think about the amount of time you can realistically spend on client relations and communication. If it’s more than five hours a week, you most likely don’t want to be an SEO reseller. Reselling SEO is a great way to build up a list of clients and contacts for your own business, but if that’s all you want to do in the long term, then white label SEO might be a better solution for you.

How to Become an SEO Reseller

There are a lot of low-cost companies overseas that you can resell. However, it’s not a perfect business model and can be easily disrupted by the right skilled individuals. Here are some of the ways you can identify SEO resellers who are knockoffs or do not provide value and how to avoid getting ripped off:

  1. Ask for references. If they don’t have references, they’re not real SEO resellers. Referrals are the way that you’ll build a client base for your business. If you want quality results, then insist on a list of references.
  2. Ask how long they’ve been in business. If they haven’t been around more than six months and they haven’t had much training or experience, then there’s no way to be sure if they can deliver high-quality results or not. Look for companies with at least one year of experience and enough support staff to get the job done right when involved in any technical issues that arise. Investigate their claims. It’s not easy to figure out how long an overseas company has been in business, but you can start by looking at the age of their domain name at a minimum.
  3. Look for SEO resellers with enough staff. If the company you’re thinking about working with doesn’t have enough staff to support your needs, then they’re not a good candidate. Look for SEO companies that have at least three or four support staff and at least one senior-level manager.
  4. Make sure they aren’t reselling you. Is the company actually doing the work? Do the people working for them serve as actual employees, or are they reselling some other service for you to resell? Are they just using freelancers? If you’re going to resell someone’s services, you want them to be providing the service, not just reselling a reseller.
  5. Are there other companies that use them? If so, how do you contact them? When you choose an SEO reseller, ask them how many companies currently pay them to do work. Then see if you can find a way to contact any of these people and ask what their experience was like. The best thing you can do is talk to current clients before choosing an SEO reseller which brings us to our next point:

Be ready to handle all of your client’s SEO questions.

When reselling SEO, the provider won’t be on the phone with you or in your client meetings. You’ll be answering all of their questions. This means that you need to know what you’re talking about, not just in general terms but also in specifics of how the company works and what they can do. If you don’t know enough about SEO or how the business works, then find out from the provider before taking on clients. We recommend that if you are going to resell, that you begin to study and understand SEO at a deeper level, start with Google’s SEO Starter Guide.

Setting Bad Expectations Will Cost You, Clients

If your prospective client expects you to provide a service your SEO reseller company does not offer, you’re setting them up for failure. If you’re using an SEO reseller for PPC services and you don’t do PPC, you have to find someone else to do it, be honest with them so they can find someone who can.

Be Proactive when Client Relations Go Bad

When a client has issues with their SEO results, they are going to call you. You have to be ready to handle the call and make sure that you represent your company positively and within your knowledge base. If you don’t know the answer, you won’t have anyone to lean on.

You can Resell SEO, but we think white label SEO is better.

As long as you keep these tips in mind when working with an SEO reseller, there’s no reason that you can’t get quality results for your clients. The key is finding a reputable company that will work hard on doing quality work. SEO reselling can be a very profitable business model if done correctly, but it requires a lot of hard work to get started. However, when you use a white label SEO provider, the expert (not you) is on the phone with the client. They set the client’s expectations, and then they are responsible for delivering on those expectations. When a problem arises, they are the ones on the front line solving the problem.

Moving your SEO needs to a white label SEO provider like That! Company essentially allows you to outsource various marketing services to a third-party company. Therefore, your agency should understand the importance of focusing on its core competency areas without offering in-house services that can’t be sustained.

Will Reselling SEO Prevent You From Achieving Growth?

There are 3 main reasons your agency may be struggling to grow, all of which can be addressed by seeking white label SEO services.

1. Trying to Provide a Complex Selection of Services In-House

SEO Reseller Facts

You may be wondering why you need to contract the services of an SEO white label firm. Because stretching yourself thin by trying to provide everything in-house can impede growth. One of the biggest reasons agencies may experience trouble scaling their operations is that they attempt to do everything by themselves.

Even if you can hire dedicated teams for SEO, content creation, social media marketing, etc., is this a cost-effective option for your business? Contracting a white label SEO provider may be the most effective alternative to providing your clients with a comprehensive digital marketing package.

2. Lacking a Methodology for Being Agile and Flexible

Many agencies also tend to bog themselves down with back-end and front-end tasks that affect agile and flexible operations. If your team is consumed by daily tasks and doesn’t have time to focus on growth, you may have a hard time finding more clients and increasing your margins. We can help you take such time-consuming tasks off your hands as you focus on your core competency areas.

3. Attempting to Provide SEO Services that You’re Not Ready to Provide

Are your clients asking for more complex SEO services? In many cases, an SMB may begin by requesting a specific service such as keyword research. But as they begin to draw traffic and generate more leads, they may request more involved SEO work such as content creation, keyword optimization, social media marketing, etc. Many agencies make the mistake of trying to provide these services even when they’re not ready to.

That! Company makes it possible for you to contract important SEO work while putting your agency’s SEO brand name on all audits, reports, and other deliverables. In this way, you don’t have to overstretch yourself and affect the quality of services that you provide.

Why That! Company is Your Ultimate Choice for White Label instead of  SEO Reseller Programs.

Dont Resell SEO

That! Company can handle your white label SEO needs and much more. In addition to reselling essential SEO tasks, we provide a full range of white label services that include marketing, sales support, and even attractive white label profits. This gives your agency the flexibility to expand revenues while satisfying client demands.

That! Company specializes in providing marketing solutions through their agency partners to large national enterprises, global and multi-national organizations, regional organizations, local companies, and even mom and pop local shops with white label local SEO. They’re a highly skilled marketing group that focuses on providing solutions to their clients for all their digital marketing needs. They have one of the best white label SEO reseller programs out there, and it’s one of the reasons that they have developed a great reputation with a large group of agencies.

That! Company is one of the most skilled marketing companies in the SEO reselling niche as they’ve been around since 2007. They’re not just any SEO reseller provider but are actually an agency that provides marketing solutions to agencies across the globe. They’ve built their company around the idea of providing high-quality results to their agencies and offering dependability that they can consistently count on when developing new and innovative marketing strategies for their agency’s clients’ needs. They’re one of the few white label SEO resellers who offer both local and international solutions. Unlike most offshore SEO providers, That! Company doesn’t have any cookie-cutter solutions. They don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for solving your SEO problems but instead take into account all of your client’s unique needs to deliver the best possible solutions needed to solve them. Are you looking for a white label SEO company with services that make a real difference? Call That! Company today at (800)-255-0396.
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