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White Label SEO Marketing

White Label SEO Marketing

White Label SEO Marketing | A Hand Typing On A Keyboard Laptop

The Beginnings of SEO

Since its conception in the mid-1990s, search engine optimization has been around for almost three decades. Also known as SEO, it has gone through some significant changes. While Google and SEO are synonymous today, the practice actually predates the popular search engine. SEO grew and became more sophisticated alongside the exponential growth of technology that the world was experiencing at the time. Links, page ranking algorithms, and other SEO tactics website owners benefit from today were not conceived all at once. These are a result of those ~30 years of innovation in the space of White Label SEO Marketing.

In 2022, SEO, as with anything, is subject to change and improvement, and even more innovation. Even so, businesses, digital marketing agencies, and other organizations with a virtual presence may find it difficult to keep pace with these changes. A great example that caught many businesses off guard was Google’s algorithm update called Penguin. So many were unprepared and still trying to catch up with the Panda update from the previous year. It thwarted a lot of shady optimization techniques, and most companies had no idea of how to do SEO the right way.

This article will tackle what white label SEO is, its benefits, and areas of application.

What Is White Label SEO Marketing?

White Label SEO | A Man Looking At A Graph Both In Phone and LaptopLet’s begin by defining white labeling as a concept. White labeling SEO services is a strategy that makes digital marketing universal, customizable and efficient for marketing companies to provide their customers without having to hire the expertise in house. White label SEO Marketing works to make sure clients are happy while keeping costs down without lowering the quality of the results. Everyone from brand new digital marketing agencies, PR Companies, Website Development Companies, and Large Traditional Marketing Organizations are taking advantage of white labeled SEO services to expand their product offering without having to manage all the nuances of offering the services.

Let’s explain white label, but with a physical product first to demonstrate how white label SEO marketing works. Say you are a company that manufactures spray bottles. Instead of placing your own brand onto the spray bottles and selling them, you supply those spray bottles to a retail company. The retailer then uses their own branding, which makes it appear as if they made them. In this agreement, you act as a third-party manufacturer and supplier of the unlabeled spray bottles. In return, the retail client gets to affix their brand onto the “white label” or blank brand label. This retailer then gets to sell that product as its own branded spray bottle.

The original outsourced manufacturing company requires no recognition. The retail company benefits greatly because of the lower production costs, like renting a factory, hiring workers, etc. This is especially helpful and cost-effective if the client doesn’t have the means to make products. This is also profitable for the manufacturer, who may not have the means or the desire to market the products themselves.

Now, White Label SEO, also known as SEO reselling and private label SEO, works in a similar way. White label SEO providers offer SEO services to online businesses, entities, or individual clients without demanding credit for the work. SEO, in this sense, becomes the product that is relabeled and sold to the customer. So, a digital marketing company may hire a white label marketing agency provider to do work for a client on behalf of the agency. The agency acts as a “middle-man” between the client and the service provider (except when it comes to That Company’s white label services we actually handle the client communication as well on behalf of our agency partners!).

In this instance, the white label SEO company does all the work for the client and the marketing agency puts their branding on the finished work. The SEO service provider gets paid for their expertise in the field and the marketing agency can present the work to their clients as their own and makes a markup on the service. This is repeated for numerous clients and enables both companies to focus on the services they provide best.

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Why White Label SEO Marketing Works

White Label | A Girl From A Phone ShoutingThe reason why white label SEO is successful is mainly due to the benefits it offers to the agencies themselves. As previously mentioned, white label SEO companies offer specialized knowledge and expertise. When outsourced by a reseller, that expertise passes as their own. They end up looking better, improving their image, brand authority, and ultimately are more profitable since they’re only paying for it on as needed basis instead of building a lot of overhead with an internal team. This can contribute to more and better quality client partnerships and brand loyalty. While this seems to be a sweet deal for resellers, customers also profit because they are receiving valuable professional services that increase the results their website is producing for them.

Search engine optimization is a key component of any profitable online marketing strategy. This is why businesses, entities, and individual owners are not reluctant to invest more funds to stay on top of search engine results pages. We can’t tell you exactly how many marketers today use white label SEO — there just hasn’t been an adequate study on the statistic. However, we can guess based on the estimated growth of 83.7 billion USD in the market in the next few years that it’s a substantial piece of the market.

SEO investments are on the rise. Therefore, marketing agencies, digital marketing providers, and other web-dev services are looking for a way to keep existing clients on with them as well as want to sell more. They can do this by becoming a white label SEO service reseller or by investing in becoming SEO providers themselves.

After seeing the potential that providing SEO Services can have in growing business and clientele, let’s dive into some of the most essential things to take into account:

Selling New Clients

Should you desire to add SEO Services to your service offerings you’ll need to figure out how to sell them. Most white label SEO service companies do not help with the sales process, however That Company does help provide sales support to it’s agency partners. All you have to do when working with That Company as your white label SEO Provider is generate the lead/schedule the meeting, and That Company shows up with research on the prospect and their industry to demonstrate that your agency has the expertise to deliver on the SEO needs the client has.

Efficient process

White label SEO is a means to provide a more competitively priced SEO service. Delegating the marketing to a professional SEO service allows resellers more time to attend to their clients’ other needs and ensure the best possible results. This doesn’t mean you want to find the cheapest provider as “The Cheap often comes out expensive in the end.” however it does mean you economies of scale are created by working with a white label provider like That Company.

Faster turnaround times

Two heads are better than one. SEO experts can efficiently spend their time coming up with the best SEO solutions to suit clients’ needs. Whereas the agency owner can focus on growing their businesses instead of on all the details related to delivering the SEO services.

Final Thoughts

SEO | A Girl Pointing On A Graphics From The WallBecause we live in such a digital age, SEO is almost necessary in order to build a competitive business. Digital Marketing agencies using white label providers is becoming more and more common practice, just make sure you pick a white label provider that will best meet your needs! It has a flurry of benefits. Resellers can become more profitable. Clients have an easier time while still getting the best bang for their buck. SEO experts and companies have the means of reaching more clientele and earning more revenue. White label SEO has proven itself to be effective and efficient. While it has already become the norm, due to white labeling being well “White labeled” it’s not often discussed by agency owners that use the services.

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