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White Label Social Media Services Increase Revenues


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Each day, I offer the gamut of digital marketing services, as appropriate, to prospects with whom I speak. Whenever I recommend our White Label social media services to someone a partner has invited to my competitor analysis, I get excited.

These clients’ social media accounts seem to be begging for our social media management services. Even so, it takes discipline to hold back my enthusiasm because I know our consultants are going to do wonders with their accounts.

A “best recommendation” is not always so obvious. Research can indicate the need for services like PPC and SEO but offering tailored social media solutions to the ideal client is satisfying.

The amazing part of this is, most of the time, the client is doing just about everything right. They have creative and engaging posts published regularly. There is good interaction with their followers. They simply have not had industry experts offer custom social media solutions that can move the revenue needle.

Is Demand Growing for White Label Social Media Services?

White Label SMM | A Man Pointing At The End Of A Hologram Line ChartApparently, the pandemic has not held back the growth of e-Commerce sales at all. An article on Digital Commerce 360 states, “Ecommerce reached $196.66 billion in Q1, up 39.0% year over year from $141.52 billion in the same quarter of 2020.”

The number of independent store owners has grown, too. As a matter of fact, many have begun to build their online shops, selling apparel, food, and other consumables. As a result, the demand for marketing support in the form of social media management solutions has grown in step.

Consequently, we have had an increase in calls from potential agency partners who were considering the expansion of their own social media management platform. To grow their own client capacity, it has become clear to them that white label social media management holds the key.

Many find the chance to become a partner in digital marketing with That! Company very exciting. We handle the social media management software, implementation, client reporting, and contact. While the partner continues lead generation, That! Company supplies sales support, white label social media marketing fulfillment, pay-per-click campaigns, and SEO services.

That! Company White Label Partnership Makes Social Media a Scalable Service

A White Label Partner forges a lifetime relationship with us for a reasonable one-time cost. In return, they receive what amounts to a multimillion-dollar agency with experienced staff in place to begin operating on their behalf. Our White Label partners receive:

  • SEO Consultants
  • PPC Consultants
  • Social Media Consultants
  • All The Processes
  • All the software and tools
  • A Custom-branded project management system
  • Receptionist staff
  • Trained Sales professionals
  • Proven Contract Templates
  • Proposal Templates

No one else in the white label digital marketing industry operates the way we do in a scalable way and provides sales support to close the deal. One professional Digital Marketing Sales professional alone would cost you $40k-70k a year!

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Some White Label Solutions Make You an Account Manager. We Support Your Role as CEO.

White Label Social Media Service. We support you as the CEO of your agency.Your time as an agency owner is valuable. Is it spent acquiring new business, networking, advancing your brand and reputation? Why would you want to be chained to the obligation of managing each client’s project? Our White Label solution takes the work and places it on OUR shoulders. This way, you can innovate, expand, and develop your business.

All you need is to set an appointment with your That! Company Digital Strategist.

The prospect will, in fact, receive a valuable presentation during a 45-minute online meeting. It includes real data on organic search traffic, keyword rankings, and cost-per-click estimates. We review technical site issues, social media opportunities, and PPC evaluations. The prospect gets top-level knowledge and assessments without paying one cent.

In exchange, we demonstrate the value and expertise behind your brand. Not surprisingly, we also earn a considerable level of trust. In the follow-up meeting, we hope to convert the prospect into a client with a retainer.

Frequently Asked Questions about That! Company White Label Social Media Services:

Can I trust your company to develop a successful social media marketing solution for my clients?

That! Company trains each of its consultants to become experts in their area of digital marketing. As a matter of fact, they identify opportunities and issues while explaining them to clients using easily understood terms. It is our goal that each client is aligned with the strategy we believe will be most helpful.

Will you ever reveal to my client learn that the social media service is being done by a White Label?

No! Your privacy is paramount. We back your identity with our non-disclosure agreement and an inbound phone line identified with your agency name. That way, our staff will know it is your client if they call for support.

Do White Label social media services offer a good margin?

As a That! Company White Label social media agency, you can increase revenue streams into new service areas quickly. This allows you to expand your client base virtually overnight.

The margins for all services run from 22% to over 70%. Many typical retainers fall in the 40-52% range.

How successful is a typical social media campaign?

We provide organic posting to numerous social media platforms. We are highly skilled in perhaps the most misunderstood of social media marketing services: paid advertising. Our consultants use a variety of social media management tools. These help to minimize ad budget waste and maximize accurate identification of the optimal targets. We are confident that when you resell social media services, your clients will be pleased with the results.

Do I have access to a complete White Label menu of digital marketing services like SEO and PPC?

Yes, you absolutely have access to our entire menu of digital marketing services.

Are there common services you do not offer currently?

We do not offer web design or development. However, our SEO Department is well-trained to access and modify existing sites on a multitude of platforms.

That! Company White Label Advantages

Evaluate the advantages of a White Label marketing partnership.Our White Label Partners commonly have a deep level of digital marketing experience. They will usually have an established agency with some history and client references. Practically speaking, they want to expand their business and recognize this as the most affordable way to scale up. Still, others may want to expand their services into untried areas.

For example, if your existing agency has had great success selling SEO services but has not tried reselling Social Media Marketing, this would be a perfect fit. You can always continue to provide the digital marketing services you prefer to keep in-house. Any new service we can add to the list simply expands your value to prospects and existing clients.

A White Label partnership with a trusted digital marketing company like That! Company is a path to higher returns and fewer headaches. Serve more clients. Sell more services. Strengthen your brand.

What Makes That! Company White Label Social Media Different?

That! Company offers a unique advantage over most other players in the White Label marketing business. Repeatedly, our partners comment how our sales support makes a huge difference. We shower your prospects with research, knowledge, recommendations, and insightful help. It may be a free presentation, but there is definitely value in each one.

Our sales staff conducts the research, and each has significant digital marketing experience to enable good counsel. When our presentation moves into the prospect’s social media marketing opportunities, we can reference some very successful strategies.

Organic posts and interactions are discussed, and the account follower size is observed. Our retainer for social media is a hybrid based on hours. A client can receive deliverables in the form of posts, ads, or both.

Why Wait?

How many business model modifiers can deliver an ROI like partnering as a That! Company White Label Partner? For a one-time fee that would approximate one month’s wages for a single full-time salesperson, you get all this for life:

  • Sales support
  • Experienced digital marketing consultants in each discipline, based right here in Florida
  • Client relationship development
  • Unlimited access to a robust project management system
  • Document support to facilitate your business

Do you sense the opportunity to expand your business and your compensation? Take the “Fast Pass” to claim that result by enlisting seasoned digital marketing and sales experts to support you.

That! Company has the system to make your aspirations attainable. Claim your White Label Social Media services, PPC services, SEO, and Reputation Management services by contacting us today.

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