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5 Reasons You Should Invest in A New Website Design

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Invest In Web Design | A Hand Holding A Hologram Laptop Icon With Web Tabs in the Screen One of the greatest investments you can have for your business is to invest in an online presence, with a new website design to show off your company. No matter how big or small your business, you need a responsive and professional website that can help your customers browse your site in an easy and friendly way. You might consider having fresh new marketing initiatives and new leads for sales, but what about online business? Do you have a website? If you do, when was the last time you updated, redesign, or are you making a profit from it? Is your website responsive and optimized for mobile devices? Creating a website and letting it sleep over the years isn’t a good business choice. Every year there are new marketing strategies and design trends that help you generate new customers and impress and retain the old ones. Nowadays, phone internet browsing is dominating. Studies have shown that in 2016, 67% of users spend time on the internet using their phones. This number is incrementally increasing each year.  Many corporations have a website that can’t be called professional, with poor design and complicated navigation for visitors. That is why many companies are not enjoying success online. Businesses that lack responsive hosting and professional website designs, lose potential customers who do not want to waste time on your site. Knowing these statistics, it is important to have a white label company for website development for your site to be optimized for users that will view your site not just from a desktop computer but also from other devices.

#1 Eagerness to invest in yourself.

Invest On Yourself | A Girl Doing A Draft of A Website Sitting On Her Office Table Investing in yourself is the “wanting” to learn, study, and know more about your field of business. You must need to invest your time and hard work in order to see results. Just like how you would invest money into a new start-up business, you must invest time into obtaining new skills and knowledge. You can start by taking online courses or reading books that might help you with your everyday struggles in your business. Most people like new and fresh things and want to stay up on the latest trend. This applies to your website and your corporate image/brand as well. If you and your company are willing to stay up with new trends, invest in a new website and keep up with client’s needs, it will reflect that you are serious about what exactly you do and give results. Because, if you are not willing to invest in your own company, why should your customers?

#2 Your competitor has a good new website design.

Having a website is not an option for all business owners, but a must. Now, it is time to start looking for the right web designer for your project and invest in a new website design. Most entrepreneurs are often confused when they want to create their site and ask, “Do I need a website?” The first step is to find out the reason why you need it. It could be an announcement or something that you want to share with a lot of customers or even potential clients. Did you research your biggest competitor? Can you compete with them online or not? Can you outrun them? If you are not online, then you are not competitive enough and lose thousands of sales because your competitors are easier to reach by consumers. If you do not have a quality website, you’re losing out on some great opportunities to improve your business. Also, having a quality and responsive site gives you an edge not just in your competitors but can increase more traffic to your site. Additionally, more customers would like to recommend your site and retain old customers. [bctt tweet=” To invest in a new website is an important part of your online business. Your website should be responsive, fast loading, and SEO-friendly, with an easy-to-navigate interface.” username=”ThatCompanycom”]

#3 Your business is available 24/7 when you invest in a new website design.

Web Development | An Office Table With An Opened Website in a Desktop, Tablet and Phone.If you have an actual physical business location or work from home, there is only a limited number of hours per day you can consume communicating with your potential clients/ leads. It might be a possible loss of sales when the availability is limited. But when you invest in a new website design, it lets your customers reach you after working hours, order your products or learn more information about you and your business. It also means customers are always able to find you – anytime, anywhere. Your website continues to find and secure new customers. It is user-friendly. They can access the information they need in the comfort of their own home, with no added pressure to buy. Most companies nowadays have their own website. And with this reason, there is every chance you could be losing customers to your competitors by staying offline.

#4 Acquiring insight from your customers.

By using copywriting forms, questionnaires, and surveys, you are turning your website into a great marketing tool. Watching how your customers respond to your website, your services/product helps you modify and enhance your online business strategy and achieve new goals on your sales. You can also personalize a “Thank You” message to build rapport with your customers. If you want to earn their trust, ask for their truthful and knowledgeable opinion. Giving rewards like coupons or discounts can entice them into submitting their comments. Make sure to greet and thank those who take time to respond and reward those who give valuable insight with more than just a discount code.

#5 Converting those Action/Clicks

Design | Different Templates and Icon of A Web Design in Desktop, Phone and TabletThe main goal of having a newly designed website is to convert them into customers. After your site gets the customer’s attention, the next step is to make them browse further in your site and have them stay on the site for a long time. You want them to know more about your company, browse different products and services and engage with all of the content. Make full use of the advantage of having a website and show them your care about your business, products/services, and your main goal is to provide quality and amazing services. Since you have given them a reason to trust your brand, therefore spend some of their hard-earned cash. This is called “conversion”. A website would be considered a “web conversion”, which is the process of getting people to take the desired action through an Internet marketing strategy. Web conversion is the process of turning website visitors into customers. You need to have a full-proof strategy in order to succeed in web conversions. Often marketers use the term “conversion rate” or “conversion percentage” to describe how well the current site converts visitors into customers. Learning this information and the advantages of having a new and responsive site gives you an edge over your competitors. Just thoroughly follow these steps, surely you will achieve great success in your online business. Finding a web designer that specializes in making responsive sites will definitely be a sure win. Be sure to check your potential web designers personally or virtually so you can ask them questions about their services and experience. Investing in a new website design is an important part of your online business. Your website should be responsive, fast loading, easy-to-navigate interface. It also needs SEO-friendly contents so invest also in a white label SEO partner. With the availability of many website builders, getting a new site is now easier than ever. A great website can make or break a company. Your website is the first thing that potential customers see. Make sure it is as great as your product!
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