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6 Steps for a Conversion-Focused Web Design

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These days, you can now build a website as easy as drawing like a house and directly publish it to the public. However, just by building does not give you a guarantee that you will have many visitors on your site, and it would convert to sales which most of the website has the same goals, gaining traffic and converting to a fan or a buyer.

Nonetheless, for it to be attractive and professional enough on the front page of search engines, many factors need attention.

First, typography should be well chosen and easy to read on small screens like mobile phones; second, copywriting or SEO content should have strong keyword relevance for us to rank better in Google; third, good use of color can inspire people’s emotions at a glance and let them know what they are browsing is trustworthy and authoritative; the fourth, layout is something that needs a lot of attention.

For example, image size and placement should be carefully considered. You need to know that for images to appear well on the page, they should have a certain size and position. If you put an image too far from the border of the webpage, it will look pixelated. It will also make people think it is a cheap website with no professional design. Those are just a few tips, and you would learn more steps below.

In this article, you will learn the 6 best techniques on how you can attract many visitors and create a conversion-focused web development and design for your business.

1. Have a clear business goal.

Conversion-Focused Web Designing | A Silhouette of A Man Holding A Flag Before creating a website, the first thing that should be focused on is to deeply understand the business goals. The reason is to make a clear path of the site structure and guide the customer’s journey to the site with the right content and design.

The website’s design must be aligned with the business goals and the structure of the site. Just like building a house, before starting to build it, one must know the exact goal. This could be done by knowing all the details of the house including width and length. The blueprint of the house is like a structure or website mockup. It should be decided thoroughly before putting it into an application.

You must create a questionnaire about the business and brainstorm ideas from your client or your goals. A questionnaire should be designed to ensure that you understand the business background to the level that you need for a successful project. Collect all the possible ideas and start making a habit of thinking advanced to know the flow of the website.

2. Make it simple yet a clear banner. (Branding)

In this part, it is important to capture the attention of the audience and make an effort to have a great first impression. Thus, making an image banner must be correlated with the proper branding and digital marketing with captivating copywriting. The color palette and the image should be carefully chosen since it has the psychological perception to the viewers. Like blue color symbolizes serene and calming color and builds trust.

Image banners are one of the most important things to create on the website because it is where the visitors look at directly. A banner explains the website goal within 1-3 seconds, and it will make the web visitors stay or leave on the website.

Since the homepage design will mark as the first impression of your site, the goal is to catch the audience’s attention and let them take an action based on your business goals. Also, allows them to learn more and get them curious about the site.

3. Pay attention to your design.

Web Design | Hand Holding a Phone With Layout design Of A Website With A Laptop On the Background Showing Also A Blank Layout of A SiteAs mentioned about the proper branding above, the design of your website is not just a design. It must be well-planned and if you are familiar with the psychology of color in marketing, you know that each color palette can help the customer understand your product and their feelings about it. So, choosing the color palette is very significant to the overall design process.

Picking colors is also part of the branding itself. Your general website design elements such as font, color palette, images, etc are all part of branding. You must carefully select those elements and use them consistently all through your sites.

As a general rule in design, keep it simple and easy to read texts.

[bctt tweet=”A conversion-focused website is a website that mainly focuses on conversions and web design that drives more sales through your site. It is a way of building a website where every aspect is aiming for the highest conversion rates” username=”ThatCompanycom”]

4. Actionable Call to Action.

Call to Action (CTA) is an essential part of any website. It is important to remember that CTA will make as a guide and will help you increase your conversion rate. The proper positioning of the CTA button should be visible and needs to stand out on the page.
Whether your objective is to sign up, learn more about the products or buy the products or services, it is necessary to have it highlighted so visitors will have a clear path for achieving the goal.

Strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) can help you lead your visitors through the buying journey and directly affect your conversion rate. An effective CTA will do wonders at drawing visitors’ attention, stimulate their interest, and eloquently guiding them through the signup process.

5. Have catchy copywriting.

A good website copy makes all the difference on the site. It provides visitors with information about your brand and what you offer. Well-crafted website copy helps illustrate your brand in the best possible light. It recognizes you to stand out from your competitors and the crowd. In addition, it also helps you rank higher on search engines.
Every sentence on your website has its purpose to get readers hooked. You only get one chance to create the right impression and you have to be purposeful at what you write. Website visitors look for quality information and insights. An efficient copywriter understands all this and creates content that provides good information along with the benefits of your service/product.

6. Add Social Proofs. (Case Study, Testimonial, Reviews. etc)

Reviews | A White Keyboard With 5 Stars At The BottomJust a simple screenshot of positive reviews from the customer about a certain product makes a big difference on the site because it will create trust and credibility with the audience. As much as possible collect all the user-generated content good reviews, case study and great comments about your product/services to increase web – conver Most visitors usually convert through the proof displays on the site.

Consumers need multiple unbiased opinions that your product or service is going to do what you say it will. Social proof elements help shoppers trust that your business is legitimate. Persuading them that there are real fans of your product or service.

Mostly, website visitors go to your website because they are looking for some answers or they need something to fulfill. Our goal is to make it easy for web visitors to complete their tasks by creating a conversion-focused web design.


A conversion-focused website is a website that mainly focuses on conversions and web design that drives more sales through your site. It is a way of building a website where every aspect is aiming for the highest conversion rates. A properly designed and well-structured site is a process and technique that you can apply to your site to achieve great results.

By following these steps, you will have an advantage over your competitor’s site and will help you generate more sales for your business.

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