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2014 Internet Marketing Checklist. Have You Considered Everything?

2014 Internet Marketing checklist

Internet Marketing: Search Engine Optimization:

  • Content Development
  • Back Link Development
  • Social Signals (Wait this isn’t a part of your SEO plan? Is should be!)
  • Competitor and Keyword Research

Pay Per Click:

Social Media Marketing:

  • Content Development
  • Continual Monitoring
  • Pay Per Click (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.)
  • Sponsored Posts

Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing Platform
  • List Acquisition (Not that we recommend this, but for those of you that do.)

Video Marketing: (Perhaps this could fall under social media)

  • Video Development
  • Sponsored Videos

Web Development: (Is it time for a refresh?)

  • Design Costs
  • CMS Conversion
  • Specialized Widget/Component Development
  • Responsive Redesign (After all mobile is becoming important)

So have you considered all of these internet marketing expenses in your 2014 budget? Of course, there are all the traditional marketing expenses as well such as PR, Radio, Television, Print, etc. Here’s to a great 2014! From one Marketing Professional to another.

Written By: Michael Knorr – Interim Marketing and Sales Manager.

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