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An Adwords Affiliate That Can Take On Your Clients’ Internet Advertising With Ease

At That! Company we make finding an Adwords affiliate simple and easy, letting you tackle complex internet marketing difficulties without breaking a sweat. If you are in the advertising business, you know that internet advertising is a completely different animal from other forms of media. The complexities of managing net advertising, keywords, websites, and website marketing may be out of your area of expertise, or may simply be too time consuming for your company to adequately handle without devoted employees. Hiring specialists onto your employee team may be prove too costly or may simply require too much training and upkeep.

The solution? Find an Adwords affiliate to take on your clients’ internet advertising needs while still operating functionally under your corporate identity. At That! Company we offer a full range of “white label” services at competitive rates to help you achieve your clients’ internet advertising goals.

What Does a Successful Adwords Affiliate Do?

Internet marketing is not just about creating a dazzling ad that catches the customer’s eye, but about creating an effective website, a searchable and identifiable web presence, and keywords that draw in the correct clientele for your clients’ business. You need someone who understands that properly managed Google Adwords campaigns need upkeep, well-crafted ads and landing pages, and professional research.

At That! Company we take the burden of that research off your hands, freeing up your employees to work on other facets of business management and marketing while we handle the internet aspects. Our experienced staff will help your clients create ads that encourage click-throughs – and will get them the traffic they need through optimized keywords, a/b split testing, proper use of negative keywords, and more. We do the research to know what keywords attract customers, and work with your clients to get their campaigns in line with modern search engine regulations and standards.

All Under Your Name

With our “white label” services, we work for you and your clients, all under your name. We understand that you worked hard for your company identity, and you don’t want to pass that business and expertise off to someone else. With That! Company, we offer our services under your name. You direct your clients to us, and we will take care of the rest. We’ll interface with them on their internet marketing needs. We’ll take their calls and answer as you. Even invoicing will be done with your company logo and formatting.

There’s no need to worry about whether or not your clients will receive top notch service, as we work with them to ensure that their marketing program is effective and bringing them the growth that they desire – all while keeping up your own corporate standards. For an Adwords affiliate that can handle the needs of your clients, trust That! Company today.


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