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Are AI Writing Tools Any Good?

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AI Writing Tools For Content Writing | A Hand Holding A Tablet Showing A Brain Hologram So one of the beloved activities we have here at That! Company is every employee writes a 1200-word blog for our newsletter/SEO efforts every month. I recently ran across an “AI writing tool” and thought to myself hmmm… I wonder if this will help me out? I wanted to discover the following: 1. Could it write about a topic in an intelligent way that would feel natural and look like an intelligent human writer actually wrote on the topic. 2. Would it be accurate? No point in posting content if the facts it produces aren’t really facts. 3. Would it consider SEO and include the keyword multiple times? What AI Writing Tool Is the Best? | A Picture of Robot Pointing At Its HeadMy first stop was to look at the AI writing tool I signed up for the free trial, selected that I wanted a longer piece of content ~750 words, and told it that I wanted an article on the following topic: “What AI Writing Tool Is the Best?”. I added a few keywords like “pros/cons” to see if it would detail a few examples of AI writing tools and the pros/cons of both. My personal hope is the “Artificial Intelligence” portion would kick in and realize that promoting of itself “” would be the best possible outcome, or perhaps if our AI overlords have no use for pride/self-preservation but prefers accuracy that it would at least detail which AI writing tool was in fact superior. That was not the outcome. Not to spoil anything, but the article it wrote ended up being somewhat comedic. [bctt tweet=”We are a long way off from AI writing tools taking over for real writers at least from writing entire topics by themselves” username=” ThatCompanycom”]

-Start of AI Written Article-

What AI Writing Tool Is the Best?

What is an AI writing tool and how does one use it? How does one become an AI writer? Well, an AI is an artificially intelligent software program that performs according to a given pattern or code. In other words, an AI writer is a tool that can help you create articles, presentations, advertisements, or any form of content. The question now is, what are the pros and cons of being an AIT or AI writer?

Pros: One major advantage of becoming an AIT or AI writer is the ease of use. You do not have to have a great deal of writing experience in order to become one. All you need is the right software. Once you have the software then you can start producing content as if you are simply typing out an email address. Some AITs even have artificial intelligence that can replicate and write articles without actually being present. This can be a very useful tool in certain circumstances.

Another pro is the number of content pieces that an AIT or AI writer can create in a short amount of time. This is especially helpful if you do not have enough time to write articles or content on your own. If you are able to outsource your writing then you can focus more on other things. If you are able to produce articles quickly then you can increase the number of clients you receive as well.

AI Writer | A Hand of A Robot Typing On a LaptopThere are also a number of tools that are provided for the writer once they become an AIT or AI writer. Some writers are able to get a virtual preview of their work before submitting it. This gives you a good idea of what your work will look like. This is helpful because you are not left to assume that your work looks exactly the way it does on paper.

Tools such as grammar checkers can also be used. This will help ensure that your content is unique. If you write primarily from scratch, then this can become difficult. However, if you take the time to learn some of the basic techniques then you will find it easier to become a better content writer.

One of the most important things that anyone who wants to become an AIT or AI writer should keep in mind is to write consistently. You should write every day. It may take several days but eventually, it will pay off. As your career moves forward, you will find that you are asked to write for many different companies. You should always give your best for each job that you get.

One of the other things that people ask about is what an AIT or an AI writing tool is the best? One thing that is important is that you have the ability to use keywords. If you don’t then you won’t be able to make any money. This is something that everyone involved in this field needs to remember. They need to learn the techniques for making sure that they will be able to create content that will draw in readers.

The last thing that people should ask about what an AIT or AI writing tool is the best is whether or not it will hurt them. It might not seem fair to ask this question of what a writer’s tool is the best, but in reality, it will hurt you if you do not write properly. Even though you may think that you are using the same techniques as those used by experienced SEO specialists, like those performing white label local SEO services, there is no way that you will be able to rank well with just writing text. This is why it is important to get writers who know how to utilize keywords in order to make sure that their articles get to the top of the search engines.

-End of AI Written Article-

Conclusion For Using AI Witing Tool:

AI Written Contents and Ideas | Hand Of A Robot Holding a Light BulbI’ll admit with the limited input I gave it was a valiant attempt. However, from this example, I think we can safely say that we are a long way off from AI writing tools taking over for real writers at least from writing entire topics by themselves. I have tested some tools that help with writing such and I have found AI to be helpful for shorter topics. The simple fact that is suggested that one can become an AI writer was fairly comedic in my personal opinion. The rewrite of the title also made me cringe. As you can see, inaccuracies are prolific throughout the content, and it reads in quite a choppy way. I will say this if you are hiring external copywriters to produce content for you, and you find that the content starts to become overly generic, written in this choppy format, and is inaccurate it may be that the writer doesn’t understand the topic, but it also could be that a writer could be trying to pass off AI written content as their own. Always double-check anything before it gets posted to your site. Anything that is written in this way absolutely can harm your credibility, so I wouldn’t recommend relying on AI writing tools at this time. I personally found this to be a fun exercise, but alas, I will be writing 1200 word blogs for some time to come it seems. If we can assist your company by providing quality white label SEO work feel free to fill out a form or give us a call. Rest assured that we have expert content writers (who are even better than me, I promise.) and we don’t rely on AI writing tool which has quite a long way to go before it starts to write long-form content like this in an accurate, authoritative way.
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