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Ad from the past

  Lestoil’s Advertising Foilble? I’ve never heard of this cleaning product. So my guess is that in devising this advertisement, the executives at Lestoil didn’t

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Mobile Ad Revenue Rises in 2010

With more Americans picking up the latest smartphones, advertisers are pouring money into mobile ads. Mobile advertising has reached the mainstream of digital advertising in

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Halloween Facts

What I find most intriguing is how much money was spent on Halloween costumes in 2009. Click on the graphic to get the scoop on

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fake package

Mystery Box Advertising

How would you feel if when you came home you discovered a mysterious package inside your apartment in front of your door? Surprised, frightened, or

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A new way to Twitter

Are you a Twit who’s jonesing to Tweet, but your cellphone is dead and you’re no where near a computer. Have you considered using your

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Twisplaying Tweets

Twitter may get a boost in the physical marketplace if the digital Twisplay has anything to say or, in this case, scroll about it. Twisplays,

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