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Bing Brings Changes to Mobile Bidding Options for PPC

Bing Ads, like Google AdWords, has been working to narrow your bidding options when it comes to tablets and other mobile devices. Originally you could decide to run ads or not on mobile devices, and if you did, you could set independent bids for different device types. That is changing. The new method for Google – and now Bing – is to only allow percentage adjustments to your bids, depending on the type of device.

These changes by Bing are to keep in line with Google. With mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones taking up an expanding share of the search market, Google is focused on growing its presence and revenue in this space.

In many cases, perhaps even a majority of them, an expanded focus on mobile is wise. However, not every industry’s customers will search for them on smartphones. For them, the ability to not run or run very low bids on mobile was an advantage.

But the changes will continue, and we as a service industry will adapt to make the best use of them. Getting our clients set up with mobile-friendly sites is just a start. One of Bing’s upcoming additions is an ad extension that will allow your users to download your app from a pay per click ad directly.

Written by: Cameron Verkaik – PPC

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