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Cold Calling isn't dead. It's very much alive

cold calling
Cold calling is a vital marketing channel for many businesses. Not everyone will be looking or think they need your business or services. So how do you reach the people that do not see you TV ads, online marketing campaigns, or they simply overlook you? A team of cold callers may be the solution you’re looking for. They will connect you with the businesses that you wouldn’t reach normally. The big fortune 500 and 1000 companies do not typically reach out to you, they are way too busy with there day to day activities as well as handling the cold calls from other companies. Why would they search when others make it so easy for them to chose their company over yours?


It’s very important that you are selective on the hiring of your team as cold calling does require a bit of sales acumen mixed with a lot of perseverance. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. With the right team in place, and just as important the correct management staff in place a cold calls team can be very lucrative for any business.
Do you find cold calling works well for your business? Have you tested it?


Written By: Tim O’hara – M.A.D Sales
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