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That Company Spaghetti Challenge

Free Lunch Spaghetti Challenge – We All Win!

At That Company, we try to mix business with pleasure by working hard and playing hard. When we’re not busy performing search engine optimization on our clients or increasing client revenue through pay per click advertising, we have Nerf wars and weekly games. In addition to all of this, That! Company provides its employees with a free lunch on Wednesdays. Everyone gets a chance to pick lunch as we rotate through a list of employees each week.

I was chosen to pick lunch, and I chose spaghetti since it is usually pretty inexpensive and you get a lot of food for what we pay. I also happen to really, really like spaghetti, both fresh and re-heated. Our illustrious (not to be confused with Illuminati) boss, Ken Knorr, suggested that we make it a competition between a few different companies to see who has the best spaghetti, according to the company. We’ve done this before with pizza companies and fried chickencompanies, with great success.

We called up three different companies in the local area – Takis, Stavros, and Naples – and told them about our challenge. We wanted them to make their best spaghetti, with meatballs, and provide their best garlic bread. Each company provided different styles of spaghetti and garlic bread, which was great and made for some interesting competition. To make sure that the judging was fair and unbiased, only the person who picked it up and set it up knew who made what. Each company was assigned a number for the spaghetti, and a separate and different number for the garlic bread.

Employees were given ballots to mark down their favorite spaghetti and then their favorite garlic bread. While there would be only one winner for both categories, we all won that day as we enjoyed a variety of tasty pasta and bread. Once we tallied up the numbers on the ballot, we had a clear winner emerge from both categories, though the same company did not win both challenges. Stavros came in as the number one pick for the spaghetti and Naples came in as the number one pick for the garlic bread.

The next time spaghetti is chosen, which will likely be when I pick again, we will have Stavros supply the deliciousness that is spaghetti for all to enjoy. They may not have won the garlic bread challenge, but it is the pasta that matters most.

— Doyle Clemence, SEO Manager


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