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Content is King, But What's The Story?

When it comes to SEO, content is a very important part. Content helps to dial in what a website is trying to say by helping increase the usage of the right keywords. This is all well and good, but there needs to be more to it than that. If content is written correctly then it may end up being a landing page for people. This means that the content needs to be something worth reading. Once someone lands on that page, they should enjoy what is written and then stick around to read more about the brand.

This can only happen if the content we write is truly meaningful to our audiences. This goes beyond just the content placed on websites for SEO as it also includes content for blogs, social media posts, electronic newsletters, and more. All of it needs to be interesting or you will lose the respect and interest of your audience. Combining many of these together can sometimes help you to achieve excellence in multiple areas. A well written blog can be linked to by a social media post and even in an electronic newsletter. Content written on a site may even be worthy of a social media post if it is about something important that may not be on the regular pages.


There needs to be a strategy when it comes to content and branding. Once a strategy is developed, it is important to focus on making that strategy a reality and you should have a level of accountability should you fall short.

Written By : Doyle Clemence – SEO/SMM

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