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Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

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Content Marketing in 2016 and the Changes to Come

Content Marketing Predictions for 2016
As we approach 2016, many of us are wondering what to expect in the future of content marketing. We all have our own thoughts and beliefs on what to expect for the New Year but with so many rapid changes taking place, we will turn our attentions to the some interesting predictions from content marketing experts. One thing is for certain – Content Marketing is among the most dynamic and exciting sector in the marketing industry right now. Our future is data-driven and we will see more of this as we push toward a more creative call-to-action for content marketing.  Read on to see what you can expect in the world of Content Marketing for 2016, from a study run by the Content Marketing Institute.

Content gone Creative

Many experts believe that the more visual and creative aspects of future content will become a mainstream thing for 2016. Big media companies like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have found strength with highly sponsored content and native advertising, however other media companies have suffered shut-downs after issues with lack of credibility, creativity, and relevance. So what does this mean for 2016? Brand Strategy leaders have shared their thoughts on the exciting changes that we can expect for new emerging technologies, organizational structures, and other important developments regarding content marketing.

Many anticipate that 2016 will finally be a year where we see larger brands seeking to purchase out media platforms in an effort to create a stronger foundation for these content sites who already have a loyal following. Some major buys to look out for include GE purchasing several niche content sites, while there is talk of Apple planning to buy Disney in 2017.

Content as Product

Experts also see 2016 as the year to usher in a major collision between “product-as-content” vs. “content-as-product.” A popular trend expected to take flight includes many enterprises working to re-brand and reorganize their product, marketing approach, and the concerted efforts of their sales teams. The major change? To focus on the customer experience. It’s no secret that quality content that is both engaging and relevant should be the most important area to focus on, and more companies are taking this advice.

It is also a well-known fact, according to Google, that more content tends to produce more engagement and interest among audiences. However, the main focus is going to be a shift to the mindset that having the right content is even more important than having just more content. With this in mind, experts say that we can expect to see more personalized, hyper-relevant material delivered in a direct and instantaneous way. Enter more social media and email campaigning.

Visual Content Steps Up

Many are also predicting that video will step to the forefront. We can expect to see more of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter videos, Blab Instagram, Vine, and Periscope. For 2016, video will likely become a major player as primary content for future content marketing considerations, including B2B marketing.  Others mentioned that TweetRank will show some significant growth too with more followers. As we say goodbye to many of the trends from 2015 and before, we can expect some exciting changes and great movements for content marketing next year. Till then, we will just have to wait and see.


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