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Crazy iPad Accessory

With all the crazy things people are doing with their iPads, iPod touches, iPhones, and other smartphones, it just makes me want one more and more.


But the latest iPad modification is out of this world, or at least out of this era.


And the award for the most extravagant iPad accessory goes to… the USB Typewriter.


For a mere $400-$500, you can purchase an original USB Typewriter that you can connect to your iPad. All of the USB typewriters are handmade, so each one is different.


If you have an old typewriter sitting in the garage, attic or storage shed, you can salvage it and send it to Jack Zylkin or purchase a $75 for a do-it-yourself kit.


I guess you could plug your USB typewriter into your computer, but you just don’t get the same effect as you do when you attach it to your iPad and watch the tablet slowly edge to the right with every tic of the typewriter.


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