Facebook Reaches 500 million

Facebook reached the 500 million member mark Wednesday. The social networking giant is celebrating the milestone wtih the launch of Facebook Stories. ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer interveiwed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg to commemorate the milestone.

The team at Facebackers.com, a website that delivers up-to-date data and statistics about Facebook, designed an infographic for Mashable breaking down Facebook members by their demographics.

Click the link for the entire infographic

Facebook by the numbers

67 million – members playing farmville.

59 million – members with an iPhone

27 million – members playing Texas HoldEm Poker

18 million – members playing Mafia Wars

16 million – members who support a Cause

7 million – members who have linked their Facebook and Twitter accounts

5.8 million – members who like “The Hangover”

5.7 million – members who like “Twilight”

4.4 million – members who like Lady Gaga

3.7 million – members who like The Family Guy

3.6 million – Members who like Michael Jackson




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