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Last Updated on July 14, 2017

Google can now interpret a users motions to help them write an email. Check out the video below for an indepth look at Gmail Motion, a new technology developed by Google. It could revolutionize the workplace. Write an email and get exercise at the same time. In fact, we’re not even typing this. THAT! Company’s relationship with Google comes with benefits. We were chosen to beta test the next generation of Google’s motion technology that goes beyond email communication. You’ve got to move a certain way to type in Helvetica. The Key? It’s all in the hips.




How does Google anticipate user questions and autocomplete search queries so fast? Computers you say? Au contraire mon frere! No, I don’t know French, but Google Helped. The real answer might surprise you. Meet one of Google’s AutoCompleters. Michael is an autocompleters and Google and says corrects more than 34,000 search queries a day from users and knows the lyrics to every song ever produced. How does he do it? Photographic memory? Perhaps.

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