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Maximizing Your Reach: How Many Google Business Profiles Can You Have?

How Many Google Business Profiles Can You Have Featured Image
How Many Google Business Profiles Can You Have

Have you ever wondered about the potential of Google Business Profiles in enhancing your business’s digital presence? As more consumers turn to the web to find services, it’s critical to leverage every platform at your disposal. With Google being a prominent player in digital landscapes, maintaining an optimized Google Business Profile can lead to increased visibility and customer engagement. But here’s something to ponder: How many Google Business Profiles can you have? If you can have more than one, what are the advantages, and how should you manage them?

Key Takeaways

  • Google My Business allows for a single business profile per entity but permits multiple profiles for legally distinct entities with separate phone numbers, addresses, and tax IDs, catering to businesses with multiple locations or distinct departments.
  • Careful adherence to Google’s guidelines is essential when managing multiple Google Business Profiles, including the use of unique contact information and the avoidance of listing conflation and duplicate profiles to maintain accuracy and trust.
  • Service area businesses should meticulously set their service area radius to prevent overlap, and seasonal businesses must update their hours accordingly to ensure visibility during active periods.
Understanding the Limits Single vs Multiple Google Business Profiles

Understanding the Limits: Single vs. Multiple Google Business Profiles

Understanding the platform’s limitations is vital in managing a Google Business Profile. Google My Business (GMB) allows businesses to create a single business profile that appears in Google Search and Maps, helping customers find your location, hours, and other pertinent details. However, there may be circumstances when your business might qualify for multiple profiles.

You might wonder if you meet the criteria or under what circumstances you should consider creating multiple Google Business Profiles. We’ll explore these questions next.

Criteria for Single Business Profile Eligibility

A single Google Business Profile is the norm for most businesses. To be eligible for a listing, your business must engage in face-to-face customer interaction during its operating hours. This means that if you’re a brick-and-mortar store or a service provider visiting clients in person, you’re eligible for a Google Business Profile.

Interestingly, the eligibility criteria significantly incorporate phone numbers. Each business should have a unique phone number to ensure direct control over the listed number, thus boosting the credibility of the business profile. Additionally, having a physical location is a fundamental requirement. The location information should encompass details relevant to the business’s physical existence, including a service area or location for verification purposes.

When to Consider Multiple Google Business Profiles

Although a single profile suffices for many businesses, certain situations warrant maintaining multiple Google Business Profiles for multiple locations. For example, if your business operates multiple storefronts where customers can visit, separate profiles can ensure that each location has its visibility online or on Google Maps. Maintaining the correct phone number for each location is vital for accurately reflecting the appropriate listing.

Moreover, large organizations, such as universities or hospitals, can benefit from multiple profiles. Each department within these organizations can have a distinct profile, thereby representing their unique services and improving online search visibility. This allows customers to find the specific department or service they’re seeking, enhancing their overall experience.

Navigating Googles Guidelines for Multiple Listings

Navigating Google’s Guidelines for Multiple Listings

Once you’ve established your business’s eligibility for multiple Google Business Profiles, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with Google’s guidelines for creating and maintaining these listings. To qualify for separate listings, businesses must be legally distinct entities with unique phone numbers, tax identification numbers, and registration. But what exactly does it mean for a business to be legally distinct, and how do you ensure each profile has unique contact information? We will address these questions in the subsequent subsections.

Google’s guidelines define a legally distinct entity as one business that operates independently and has a separate brand name. If the brands operate independently, it is permissible to use a separate profile for each brand at the same location. But how does Google My Business distinguish between businesses with distinct tax IDs?

Google My Business differentiates between businesses by ensuring that each business is individually registered with the appropriate state and federal agencies and possesses a unique tax ID. This allows for the creation of multiple Google Business Profiles. Therefore, separate business registration is vital to ensure the legal distinctness of each business represented with a separate Google Business profile. Google mandates unique business names, phone numbers, and other distinct information as part of the verification process for Business profiles of separate entities. Proper management of business accounts is essential to maintain the accuracy and effectiveness of these profiles.

Unique Contact Information for Each Profile

Unique contact information is another critical factor in maintaining multiple Google Business Profiles. This practice aids in upholding uniformity across all business locations, facilitates customer discovery and communication with the business, and guarantees consistency in NAP (name, address, and phone number) information. The permissible types of contact information that can be included in a Google Business Profile encompass:

  • Name
  • Category
  • Address
  • Hours
  • Phone number
  • Website

Google ensures the distinctiveness of contact information across various profiles by advising the utilization of a unique phone number for each business when establishing separate Google Business profiles. If the brands operate independently, separate profiles can be used for each brand at the same location. It is important for each entity to have a unique name, phone number, and Google categories. This will help in better organization and identification.

The Role of Service Area Businesses in Google Maps

The Role of Service Area Businesses in Google Maps

Amid the discussion of multiple Google Business Profiles, it’s important not to overlook the role of service area businesses in managing multiple businesses. These are businesses that directly visit or deliver to customers, without serving customers at their business address. It is not considered an industry best practice to list multiple service area businesses at the same location.

What are Google’s guidelines for these businesses, and what are their best practices? We will delve into this in the upcoming section.

Best Practices for Service Area Business Listings

Service area businesses can effectively manage their service areas by navigating to ‘Edit profile’ and selecting ‘Location’ on Google Search, or by choosing ‘Edit profile’ and then ‘Business information’ on Google Maps. Verifying the legitimacy of the business listing is key to building trust and maintaining the accuracy of the information.

Selecting a relevant business category and services enables service area businesses to communicate the precise nature of their offerings to potential customers, thereby potentially improving their location authority and visibility within those service areas. To prevent any overlap in their service area listings, a service area business should meticulously establish a radius for their service area to ensure it does not intersect with another location, thereby avoiding potential visibility issues on Google My Business listings.

Strategies for Co Located Businesses on Google My Business

Strategies for Co-Located Businesses on Google My Business

Co-location in a co working space presents a unique challenge when it comes to Google Business Profiles. If your business shares a location with other businesses, distinguishing your profile can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. There are strategies that co-located businesses can employ to optimize their Google My Business profiles and enhance their visibility.

Wondering how your business can stand out among others at the same address? We’ll discuss that in the next section.

Distinguishing Your Business Among Others at the Same Address

Unique naming conventions are significant in distinguishing a business on Google My Business as they ensure that each business at the same address maintains distinct names, making it easier for customers to identify the business on Google Maps and search.

Employing unique categories for your business on Google My Business enhances the precision of your business categorization, enriches Google’s comprehension of the services you provide, and aids customers in locating specific results for the services they are searching for. Therefore, it’s crucial to be meticulous with your listing, ensuring that every detail—from your business name to your categories—accurately represents your business.

Managing Departmental Google Business Profiles

If your organization is large enough to have distinct departments, managing individual Google Business Profiles for each department can be a game-changer. Separate departmental Google Business Profiles allow for:

  • A more comprehensive assessment of customer sentiment for each brand or department
  • Quicker access to department-specific information
  • Benefits for both loyal customers and undecided prospects

How should you approach managing these profiles? We’ll examine this in more detail in the subsequent section.

Benefits of Departmental Listings for Customer Search and Reviews

Departmental listings enhance a business’s visibility in location-based searches by presenting highly localized content tailored for each department, thereby contributing to a comprehensive local profile that addresses the information requirements of customers seeking specific services within a particular area.

Businesses can optimize the management of reviews on Google My Business for each department by leveraging the platform’s tools, such as a mobile app featuring a Review tab. This enables timely responses to customer feedback and aids in upholding a favorable public perception of each department.

Clearly, having separate departmental listings not only improves your visibility but also enhances your interaction with more customers.

Tackling Common Issues with Multiple Google Business Profiles

Tackling Common Issues with Multiple Google Business Profiles

While having multiple Google Business Profiles has its advantages, it also presents some challenges. From listing conflation to inaccurate business hours, multiple profiles can lead to issues that may harm your business’s online presence. But don’t fret. With careful management and adherence to Google’s guidelines, you can avoid these pitfalls.

Next, we’ll tackle a common issue—duplicate listings— and provide tips on maintaining profile accuracy, ensuring that an “error occurred” situation is avoided.

Avoiding Duplicate Listings and Ensuring Profile Accuracy

Duplicate listings on Google My Business can lead to confusion, misdirection, and even a loss of trust among your customers. To prevent this, it’s crucial to maintain precise seasonal hours and optimize for conversions during peak seasons, such as holidays.

Google My Business offers resources to ensure that business information is precise, comprehensive, and current. You can identify duplicate listings by reviewing Google Maps, utilizing the ‘Suggest an edit’ feature for suspected duplicates, or accessing the ‘Duplicate Locations’ section in your ‘Account Summary’. Taking these measures can help you avoid the repercussions of having duplicate listings, such as consumer confusion, misdirection, loss of traffic and revenue, harm to credibility, reduced visibility, and a proliferation of incorrect information.

Maximizing Visibility for Seasonal and Event Based Businesses

Maximizing Visibility for Seasonal and Event-Based Businesses

Seasonal and event-based businesses present unique challenges when it comes to Google Business Profiles. These businesses may not operate year-round, but they still need to maintain a robust online presence during their active seasons. Google My Business offers tools and features that can help these businesses maximize their visibility and engage with customers effectively.

How should you manage your business hours and profile during peak seasons? We’ll address that in the upcoming section.

Setting Up and Managing Seasonal Business Hours

Setting up and managing seasonal business hours is a key aspect of maintaining a Google Business Profile for a seasonal business. Google recommends establishing special hours when a business temporarily modifies its operating hours or is closed for 6 days or fewer.

To prevent any confusion regarding your availability during seasonal transitions, it’s crucial to ensure precise seasonal hours. Updating seasonal business hours can have a positive impact on the visibility of a business on Google, especially during specific seasons or holidays.

Ensuring accurate hours can help the business appear in local search results when customers are looking for open businesses.

Why Using That Company Local SEO Can Help Your Agency Grow

Why Using That! Company Local SEO Can Help Your Agency Grow

While managing multiple Google Business Profiles can be challenging, you don’t have to do it alone. That! Company, a white label digital solutions offers white label local SEO services that can:

  • Enhance your business scalability
  • Heighten organic rankings
  • Amplify website traffic
  • Improve visibility in local search outcomes.

What does white label SEO company involve, and how can your agency benefit? We’ll delve into this shortly.

How Many Google Business Profiles Can You Have Summary


In conclusion, Google Business Profiles are an essential tool for businesses to maximize their online presence. Whether you have a single location, multiple storefronts, or distinct departments, there’s a strategy for you to make the most of this platform. From understanding the eligibility criteria for multiple profiles to managing seasonal business hours, the key is to ensure that your profiles accurately represent your business and adhere to Google’s guidelines. By doing so, you can enhance your visibility, engage with customers more effectively, and ultimately, grow your business.

FAQ on How Many Google Business Profiles Can You Have

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple business profiles on Google?

Yes, you can have multiple Google Business Profiles for legally separate businesses or different locations without any issues.

Can you have two Google business profiles at the same address?

No, Google does not allow multiple businesses that are not legally distinct to share the same address. It can result in hard suspension and the removal of your listing and reviews.

What is the limit of Google business?

Google account allows a maximum of 10 businesses to be added by default. If the limit is reached, businesses need to be removed to add new ones.

What is a service area business?

A service area business is one that provides direct visit or delivery services to customers instead of serving them at its business address.

How do I avoid duplicate listings?

To avoid duplicate listings, ensure that each profile accurately represents your business and complies with Google’s guidelines, including distinct naming conventions, cautious category selection, and accurate information. This will help prevent multiple listings for the same business.

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