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Instagram Advertising Becomes a Viable Option for Businesses

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instagram advertisingInstagram has recently taken a turn in the way businesses can advertise. You as a Facebook owner can build ads that show on Instagram without an Instagram account. This means for you, one less part to manage, with an ability to still get out into the market of Instagram. With a community of over 400 million people, Instagram is becoming one of the fastest growing social media platforms. But what does this mean to you and your business? It means you have a chance to get ahead of the curve and get in front of more people.

Instagram advertising has become a different way for individuals to express what they love and a different way of viewing life on the go. Instagram is a mobile-based app that is best targeting an average demographic of 18 to 34 years old across several industries. Of course it can be found that puppies, jewelry, and food does well but how does that relate to your business? To put this in the nicest way, stop thinking linear about your brand and spice it up. If you want to sell yarn, don’t take your Amazon photo of the product and put it in an Instagram ad. Take a picture of a half built sweater, a hook, and a needle with bright colors and watch the yarn sell itself. From the ad, take them to a product page with a possible link to click on that says, “All the Great Gifts to Make with Yarn.” Anything that instills a warm feeling or an inspiring feeling will help businesses get more results from their campaigns.

Instagram Ads on Facebook

The good news is that ad campaigns in Instagram can be used for four different campaign objectives: Clicks to Website, Video Views, Mobile App Installs and Mass Awareness. These are similar to the Facebook campaigns and they should be due to the recent integration in manage ads. To set up the campaigns you would do them the same as a normal Facebook ad with one exception. You must use power editor for Instagram ads via Facebook. The benefit here is that within the power editor, once the ad is made, you can use the same ad for both Facebook and Instagram. I do not recommend this though, because the quality and life of the picture needs to speak differently on Instagram than on Facebook or it will not perform as well as it could.

When you create the ad and you are setting where you would like your ad to display, you can choose to do so in Instagram using your Facebook account. As I previously mentioned it is not necessary for you to have an Instagram account but this will only work with click campaigns; otherwise you will need to set the ads up in Instagram. The reason for this is because the ad’s URL is taking you to a website or an app. If you are promoting branding then it would keep you within Instagram, so you would need an account. Turning your eyes towards Instagram when you’re already in Facebook can be an easy way to get that business you have been missing. Try it out for yourself and see how it does in conjunction with your Facebook ads.


– Joshua Feuerbacher, Social Media Manager


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