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It Takes Money to Make Money

We have all heard this saying before. In the case of a PPC account, it’s true. Yes, you can spend advertising dollars on targeted ads in order to drive quality traffic to your site, and it can be a great ROI marketing tool if used correctly, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Quality scores are a major factor for your Ad Rank. Ad Rank determines the position of your ad compared to your competitors and, most importantly, how much you pay for that ad. If you have a lower quality score, then you pay more for the ad for the same position as a competitor with a higher quality score. 

To increase your quality score, one of the main factors is relevance. Relevance is measured mostly by CTR (Click Through Rate). A higher CTR is achieved mostly by ad position, if your keyword set and ads are good. So basically, you pay more for the ad up front in order to increase your CTR which will lead to an increase in your quality score which will then lead to lower CPC (Cost Per Click). Pay more now in order to pay less later and in the long run.

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