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The Life Of A Go Getta

There is this very awesome song called “Go Getta” by the artist Young Jeezy and I just happened to stumble on the song and thought to myself this would make a great blog and well here we are. The whole concept of this article will not be about that song but mostly on what it takes to be a sales rep who is always looking to bring in more business and will go above and beyond to get it or being a “go getta”,  in this article I will go over a few key points on what it takes to get that business and what moves to make to get there, but on a side note the song is really catchy and I recommend it. Having the right attitude is what it takes to be successful because as we all know success does not come overnight and it never will. You can never wake up one day and be this multi billionaire, every successful billionaire has worked hard to be where the are and has sacrificed to get there. You have to be willing at all costs to what it takes to get there.

Being The Overachiever:

   Now normally a lot of people can not stand the overachiever in the office, they’re labeled a “brown noser, suck up or teacher’s pet” what are they really? They are driven, brave and smart people. They want to succeed and they know the only way they can do that is helping the company grow. What is so wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with it at all, you can not  expect someone to want to be happy with being stuck in one place forever can you? Would you want to be stuck in the same place for years? Only way you will get anywhere is by applying the hard work and asking your bosses or managers “anything you need me to do for you?” or “how can I learn more?” There is no shame or harm in being dedicated and looking out for the company, that’s how the company learns who is there for them and who is there for only a paycheck, they will never look over this either. When your review comes up this will no doubt be in there and all of the hard work and dedication will pay off so if being labeled as an “overachiever”  is going to make you look better in a monthly review then I say where that title with pride and smile about it.

Why You Have To Be Told No:

To be labeled as a “Go Getta” you have to learn to accept and deal with the horrible word in sales “NO”. Let’s be real nobody can come into a sales role and start selling right out of the gate, it does not work like that. In fact it never works like that. You are going to hear No a lot more than you will hear yes. But to be honest hearing “No” is a good thing. It makes you hungrier to sell and it motivates you to close the next deal better than the previous. I personally hate hearing “No”, it drives me up the wall and even more when it is coming from my toddler nephew Lucas and his big brother Jacob. But in this field being told no is a good thing disguised as a bad thing, no successful business has never not been told “no” more than yes. Stay hungry and eager and you will see the success. If you can not handle someone telling you no in business then you will not succeed and you will fail. I had to learn to accept being told no quite often. It did not feel good and it really made me angry but I eventually got use to it and learned that every time I was told no I saw a increase in those who said yes. The key thing is knowing why someone said no to you, was it because of your sales skills or was the product not exactly what they were looking for? When it comes to the sales skills have someone you know analyze your pitch, this person should also be a salesperson that way they can give you proper critique. When it comes to the product the best thing to do before you even get started  with talking about it is to ask questions, ask what is it they are looking for, what they are looking to do with the product, have they any experience with it. This will eliminate any other problems with pitching them the wrong one.

Never Stop Hustling:

At all times you should be thinking about  your next move, the next sale, the next way to put your company on the map. You can not ever stop hustling or looking for the next big thing. Take into consideration what you are currently working on and think of ways to make it bigger and better. At all times you should be thinking about these things, all it takes is one idea to make the job better and more lucrative. In sales you must also be in a way relentless and by relentless I mean always following up with your prospects and checking in with your clients as well. It shows that you care and that you want to earn not only their business but their trust as well because in any type of partnership or relationship trust is the most important thing to establish. Do not be afraid to speak out on ideas or propose new ones either, this shows that you have vision and the strength to speak about things you believe in and that is also a very important thing to have when in sales or any position in a business, it shows your superiors that you are interested, hungry and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way where as some might decide to sit quiet and not say anything at all or simply just does not care. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to be this type of employee. Hustling also requires strategy, you never want to go into a situation where you have not done your homework, clients don’t like that and neither does your superiors. They want to see that you have a vested interest and that you know what you are doing before you dive in head first. Take your time to scout out the competition and use that to your advantage, NEVER talk poorly of the competition this will only hurt you and make you seem arrogant but also know what they are doing, if the client brings up the competitor simply reply with “ yes I know of them and yes I know what they do and I truly believe that what we offer is not only the better bargain but also you will experience the high level of work that we will do on this as well” that simply tells the client that yes you are aware of the competition but you are not going to let that stop you from doing your job and taking care of them.

By Josh Cardoza, Strategic Alliance Coordinator

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