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How Long tail Keywords Can Help Local Businesses

long tail keywords
Most people who think about the keywords that they’d like to rank for tend to go for the words that are the most popular keyword terms and don’t often think about how contested those keywords may be. While it may be a good idea to pick one or two popular keywords and slowly work on getting yourself shown for them, it will take a lot of effort to remove those companies that have already been building on those keywords for a while. So what is the solution? Long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are words that are ultimately a more exact search phrase. You still need to perform the keyword research on them to ensure that there is traffic, but you may be surprised at how much traffic is out there on those long tail keywords once you have a nice group of them. Long tail keywords also help you find better quality customers. There search is more specific because they’re looking for an exact item/service so if you offer that item/service you can expect a greater conversion rate than a page visit driven by a broad keyword.

This is definitely the direction that local businesses need to take as their marketing. The online space will likely be difficult to grow in if they don’t look for these long tail keywords. The Adwords Keyword Planner is a great way to check search volume on keywords, and to help you find new keywords to choose. You’ll have to register and sign in to use this tool, but it is very beneficial when you need to find the right long tail keywords for your business. Good luck!

Written By: Doyle Clemence – SEO

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