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3 Tips for Marketing on YouTube

3 Tips for Marketing on YouTube

Marketing on YouTube | A Hand Holding A Phone Infront Of A Laptop Showing YouTube Apps

YouTube is a great platform to create content and your social media channels should be an extension of your lead generation efforts, herein lies the importance of marketing on YouTube. As a business owner or marketer, it is important to understand what the users are searching for, what metrics should be tracked, and how to determine what content to create. Once you have narrowed down these aspects, your YouTube Channel will be a natural extension of your lead generation.

In this article, we will discuss three key items to keep in mind when marketing on YouTube.

1. Marketing on YouTube Starts With Obeying the Laws of YouTube SEO

Laws of YouTube SEO | A Girl Taking A Video Of Herself While Holding A Makeup PalleteSEO, Search Engine Optimization, is an internet marketing term for making your content visible in search engines. For instance, if you have an active SEO for YouTube strategy in place when a user searches for a term, you are the first or one of the first ones to come up in those search engine results. YouTube is a search engine just like Google or Yahoo, but it is a niche search engine that specializes in ranking video content. But how do you rank your videos on YouTube?

With video content, you can still optimize your YouTube posting with proper SEO tactics to help it rank within the search engine. The best way to rank for a phrase such as “best podcasts in 2022” is to optimize your written content with keywords, tags, and a catchy title supporting that phrase. YouTube analyzes this information and being descriptive will help you rank your brand new video.

While this may not need to be said, another thing to remember is to not make content that people aren’t searching for. The internet is the wild, wild west and some things get lost like tumbleweeds simply because… no one cares. People won’t find your business or content if you are answering questions that people don’t have or solving problems that don’t exist. While this may seem straightforward, or a “duh” kind of tip, it warrants being said so you can master marketing on YouTube.

2. Knowing Which Metrics To Measure for Effective Marketing on YouTube

There are many metrics a YouTube creator could use to measure their channel’s success and generate leads and revenue. YouTube measures success with engagement but in particular, YouTube wants to keep users on its platform as long as possible. Viewers who watch the videos more than once, comment on or share them, or watch a video to its end are considered successful.  However, what you want to pay the most attention to are your average view duration and click-through rate when marketing on YouTube.

The average time spent watching your content can tell you a lot about how valuable your content is and is a good indication of how long a viewer is engaged with the content you produced. When your content is high-quality with a high average view duration, YouTube recognizes that it’s good for the platform. They’ll push more of your content on their platform.

The click-through rate is the percentage of viewers who clicked on a link after your video was presented to them, such as returning to the home page or clicking on a suggested video. This is a sign that people are interested in your content. Relevance can help you retain viewers, and show them more of what they like.

Keeping these metric goals in mind will help with your video marketing on YouTube.

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3. Answering Specific Questions

Answering Specific Questions | A Girl With A background Of Question Marks and Lightbulb on The WallPeople visit YouTube to be entertained, to learn, and subscribe to YouTube users. After all, YouTube is a search engine that people navigate every second of every day, searching for quality videos. Your videos should be able to answer questions a potential customer may have. In return, you’re able to reinforce your authority in your industry and establish trust with your customers. When answering specific questions geared toward your target audience, they are more likely to stay engaged with your videos and get to know you and your business more.

How specific are we talking about here? You can get as specific as “What Colors We Off For Our Phone Cases” or “How To Login To Our Online Portal”. Your videos don’t have to answer everything all at once. You can create bite-sized videos for your customers to view and absorb.

Not sure where to start? Brainstorm with your management team or loyal employees about the top 25 most frequently asked questions you receive. You know your business better than anyone else and you know what customers ask the most often. If you don’t know these questions specifically, I guarantee the person who answers the phone or is the front desk receptionist can enlighten you on what your customers are asking about. Don’t worry about being too basic with the questions your videos answer because more often than not, people are looking for answers to these questions.

While you do need to make a lot of videos to build your audience, the key is building an engaged audience. Then, you can tailor your content to more and more specific questions based on comments and suggestions on your YouTube channel. The more information you can provide and the more videos you can create, the better at marketing on Youtube you will be.

Masters of Marketing on YouTube

Masters of Marketing on YouTube | A Boy At A Gym Taking A Video Of HimselfIt may seem obvious that you should use everything you can to help rank your videos on YouTube, that it’s a  prominent social media channel, and should be a lead generation source for your company. YouTube should be utilized as a part of your overall marketing strategy and not seen as a replacement for traditional methods. Of course, when you have the right content and an active lead generation strategy, the addition of YouTube can certainly help keep users engaged with your brand or business and in turn, drive sales.

Remember that YouTube is a powerful social media marketing tool, and you should use it to generate leads, drive views, and gain credibility. However, if you can’t offer an experience like that for your customers or clients in the form of video content on YouTube, then consider turning to YouTube marketing experts, like That Company.

If you would like to hear more about how we help our clients with their marketing on YouTube, here is where you can learn more about our white label social media management services.

Written by, L’Ren Knorr

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