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PPC Strategy | Three Tips to Becoming A Better PPC Coordinator

Becoming a PPC Coordinator comes with a lot of responsibility. If you have never done it before then it can be intimidating. You must learn how to operate in the manner the company you work for operates. I could tell from the start at That Company that structure is key. Relationship, attitude, and dependability are three core values that are to be upheld. Your relationship with the coworkers around you is important. The relationship you have with your clients is important too. Recently listening to the Daily Drive Show with our CEO Ken Knorr, he told a personal story about waiting tables at a previous job he had. He said that you don’t know how to serve someone until you’ve served them. I have worked in the hospitality industry and restaurant industry as well. I completely agree that you have serve to your clients’ needs to have a great relationship. Your attitude is important throughout all of this. If you have a bad attitude, expect bad results with clients and coworkers . A good attitude will bring positive relationships and positive results. Dependability is always important. Dependability is the foundation to everything. If you don’t show up or prepare then what is the point? You are doing damage to yourself, the employees, the company, and everyone around you. You’ll be an asset to the company if you have the courage to show up, be early, stay late, take on extra responsibility, help educate a co-worker, write PPC blogs, and prioritize your time.


person writing in a planner to get structure Structure started from day one with prioritizing time with my training in various departments. I set a goal date  to get the training done and met with as many department trainers to get it done. I prioritized my time by using the calendar on our Microsoft Outlook and setting appointments for each training session. I also use the calendar to write in the standard meetings we have as a company throughout the week. Something I have recently been doing is using a color-coded system for the meetings and appointments on the calendar. I make the standard meetings one color and new appointments with clients another. It helps to visually separate what is on your daily calendar when you give it a quick glance. Organization is a big part of structure and stress relief. You may not realize it but keeping things organized such as your desk or your calendar your mind will be at ease and clearer to think of the daily solutions you must find for clients’ needs.  Stressing out over hard to find items such as meeting appointments on a cluttered calendar or searching for a lost file creates  unneeded stress. The best way to remember an appointment, meeting, or any task is to set a reminder on your email platform. I set reminders for tasks with accounting and get an alarm on the computer fifteen minutes before the task. Not only does this keep you on track, but it helps the whole operation of the day for accounting go smoothly. In my DJ Khaled voice, one of the major keys to productive time is creating a structured system. Creating this system will help you find things easily, help you to not forget an appointment or meeting, and help de-clutter your work day.


people hi-fiving having a good relationship Relationship means the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. You are connected to your co-workers and clients. I believe that no matter what they need, you get it done. Let me give you this scenario: Your co-worker comes up to you and asks you for help with a task, but you are swamped. Your initial reaction is to say go away I’m busy. Next time your co-worker comes up to you when you are swamped and wants help, help them. Help be your co-worker’s solution finder. One day you are going to need help with a task from them. When you go ask them for help, they will feel inclined to help because you helped them. What is wrong with that?  How about we help all our co-workers out across various departments. Watch how grateful and thankful you become for helping any co-worker.  The look on their face alone is priceless when you help. The relationship with your clients is important too. When they ask you for something respond in a timely manner. Be proactive and get stuff done. Always follow the direction your clients want, but do your best to stay on top of things. Communication is key when it comes to any relationship, and it is just as important with your clients. If your clients know what is happening and are kept up to date things will go smoothly. Never leave your clients wondering what is going on with the work you are doing. The money spent on a PPC strategy belongs to the client’s bottom line. There is no time to play when you are managing another business’s digital marketing budget.


Good attitude is an essential part Attitude is another word that is a part of any relationship. What does a bad attitude bring you? Bad results, right? A good attitude does what? It brings good results for both parties involved. The attitude you hold throughout the day determines the kind of day you will have. This will continue throughout your day and continue to appear. I believe your attitude is crucial to any situation. I learned this through working customer service at Best Buy back in the day and by working hospitality. A good attitude can help diffuse any situation whether good or bad. A bad attitude will make the situation escalate and become worse. If you understand these two concepts and change your point of view things will become easier. No matter how a customer or client treats me, I always kill them with kindness. How do you know that they are not having a bad day and haven’t been able to release stress in a positive way? It’s not your fault, but at the end of the day it is up to you how you react to any situation. React with a positive attitude next time to a bad situation and watch what happens. One of the best examples of having a good attitude is when learning about being an on-air radio DJ for Power 96 in Miami, FL during career week in high school. Lucy Lopez said no matter how you are feeling that day or no matter what is going on in your life you must be vibrantly positive on the microphone. Not only does that show dedication to the craft, but also to the listeners own mental health. Imagine hearing a Debbie Downer on-air DJ when you are driving somewhere after a bad fight with a loved one. That doesn’t sound like a good situation to me. Lucy Lopez taught me to show up no matter what, put on a good attitude, and get the work done that is needed.

Staying up to date with PPC news and reading PPC blog posts will also help you become a better PPC coordinator. I hope these three tips have been useful to you. This topic can become multiple PPC articles if you are interested in learning more about becoming a better PPC coordinator. Thank you for reading and always continue learning daily. If you would like to read more, comment, share, and post.

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