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SEO Affiliate Reselling for Internet Companies

Many internet companies have found that it is important to offer supplemental services to their clients. For these businesses, we provide SEO affiliate programs. Internet and domain hosting companies provide their customers with a variety of hosting options and have built their companies around providing these quality resources. Many of their business customers, however, need additional support as their businesses grow.

Internet hosting companies are unable to provide these resources to their clients without significant investment costs as they lack the staff, experience, and resources that are required. That! Company offers competitive rates via a reseller program that allows Internet hosting companies and other businesses to provide these services to their clients with no additional overhead or costs.

Expanded Products and Service Offerings

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We provide the same high quality services to the reseller’s clients using branded communications. By branding all interactions with the reseller’s name, we are able to provide seamless integrated services to their clients and essentially remain invisible within the background. This gives the reseller the ability provide an expanded array of expert marketing and internet optimization services using their own brand name.

SEO Affiliate Business Growth and Retention

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There are many advantages for businesses that use our SEO affiliate program. For internet hosting companies, it is important to develop long term business relationships with customers. Typically, customers will continue to renew their ongoing contracts with hosting companies that they are satisfied with, and will often seek to purchase additional services with that same company. By growing a client’s website, you are helping their business to succeed, which will consequentially generate more bandwidth usage and more revenue for the client.

As their business grows and becomes more successful, the client’s need for additional resources and services will also increase. In order to retain your customers for the long term, it is important that your business is able to supply these services to your client. By becoming a reseller, you can offer key services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation management, website development, and call tracking. As an internet marketing company with more than a decade of experience, you can depend on us to deliver positive results for your clients.

Subject Matter Experts You Can Trust

Reselling is about more than just profits and making money. Long term customers offer your business financial stability and will also help your company grow by developing new leads resulting from quality customer interactions. Providing your clients with diversified internet marketing products will help them to grow their business and become happy long term customers. By participating as a reseller for That! Company, a proven industry expert, you are able to offer your customer these services from a qualified SEO affiliate program provider that is recognized for their knowledge, proficiency, and customer satisfaction.


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