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New to SEO? Whitelabel May Be for You!

There are plenty of businesses that could benefit from offering assistance with SEO. Whitelabel service is often the way to go in those cases, since search engine optimization is a full-time occupation, and can draw attention away from the main thrust of their company. The problem is that a lot of companies don’t know it yet, so they make mistakes that can hurt their business rather than making an investment that will help build it.

SEO, Whitelabel Service, and You

If you have an Internet-based business, it’s usually a good idea to have some plan worked out for how your clients can get high quality search engine optimization and remain your clients, as opposed to their going to an internet marketing company and leaving you behind. Usually the best solution for this is white label service.

This works well for people that aren’t familiar with and don’t have employees to handle their SEO. “Whitelabel” refers to the metaphorical label that is put over the marketing company’s information on documents that have your information instead. The company that does the SEO work for you (and your clients) handles all of the content creation, backlink building, Title and Meta tag details, URL structuring, and every other important aspect of search engine optimization – but when they contact your client, they do it under your name. That means they answer the phone as your company, they send and receive e-mails from an e-mail address from your company, and they put your logo and address on all of their reports to your clients. You then get a margin on that monthly fee and don’t have to worry about handling this complicated service.

We’re Here for You

That! Company is one of the top white label SEO providers because we go out of our way to make sure that your clients remain with you. Our people are experts at retaining clients by providing measurable results and showing what we can do.

We hold weekly meetings with your clients to educate them on what is going on, so they know understand the quality and amount of work they are getting. We offer sales support to the reseller, which is not at all common in the white label SEO business. We even make sure that you will get a competitive margin. You can count on us to get the job done right and make you look good in the process.

Every minute that you wait to hire a quality company is another chance for one of your clients to find somebody else to handle your SEO. Whitelabel services keep those clients with you and maintain a revenue stream, so you can focus on the job you love.


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