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Social media frenemies?

At one time (not so long ago) Twitter and Instagram were buddies. But as of yesterday, Instagram disabled Twitters ability to correctly display photos. Now, shouldn’t social media outlets be social with one another? Instagram bluntly said it took this action to increase direct traffic from Twitter to their site. Instagram is mention almost every minute on the web and is just as recognizable as Twitter and Facebook while still being a young company. So why would they need to increase traffic to their site?

When Mark Zuckerberg acquired Instagram back in April, 2012 (for a small price tag of $1 billion cash and Facebook stock options) he stated he was happy of Instagram’s social connections beyond just Facebook. So, we wonder why this action was taken or if he had a hand in this decision.


At this time photos posted through sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare, have not be affected.


Do you think this is something that will stick or will the two social media giants make nice and become friends again?


Social media frenemies





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