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Super Bowl or Social Media?

Last year, Pepsi announced for the first time in 23 years that it was suspending its Super bowl advertising campaign in favor of a $20 million social media campaign for the social good, Mashable reported.

So far more people have voted in the Pepsi Refresh Project than the 2008 Presidential Election. pepsi copy

The Pepsi Refesh Project was launched January 13, 2010. The campaign is a grant program asking people to submit their ideas both big and small for ways to refresh their communities.

People vote on their favorite ideas and the winner receives the grant. Some ideas include creating quilts of valor for wounded veterans from current wars; complete a documentary about an aspiring show choir in Indiana; and teach Florida students green habits that produce amazing results. The grant awards fall into four categories: $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $250,000. Ideas include health, arts & culture, food $ shelter, the plant, neighborhoods and education.

People visiting can vote for their favorite idea. The idea with the most votes will receive the award for their particular grant category.

After the Gulf Oil Spill, Pepsi set aside $1.3 million for “Do Good for the Gulf” ideas. There are 32 finalist for grant awards.


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What are your thoughts? Has Pepsi’s decision to spend $20 million on a social media campaign to benefit communities done more for the soft drink company’s image and brand than a Super Bowl Ad?

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