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Keep Politics Out of It

With mid-term elections just around the corner we are being slammed with political ads everywhere we look, From stacks of post cards and flyers in our mailboxes every day to ads at every commercial break on television and pre-recorded phone calls during dinner. It’s enough to drive you crazy! There are no restrictions on how […]

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Fixing Disapprovals In Your Google Shopping Feed Within Google Merchant Center (Part 1 fo 2)

Developing and Optimizing your Google Product Feed can be an extremely difficult task in and of itself. Never mind having to worry about finding your Google Product Feed running over with nuisance Disapprovals laying everywhere. I’ve recently come across an instance where a client had a number of Disapprovals surfacing one after the other. Once […]

Google Merchant Center

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Utilize YouTube Videos with Google AdWords – Expand Your Marketing Initiatives

Get an Account Setup for Google AdWords Once you have built out your target audience along with some ideas on content creation, AdWords can help grow your YouTube following without too much trouble. Keep in mind building a YouTube channel simply with promotions doesn’t work, when recordings offer quality substance and advertisements focus on the […]