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Total Global (Facebook) Domination?

Global Facebook Domination
Every Ad Exec/Marketing “guru” knows the better you are able to communicate with your audience (particularly in their native language) the better the engagement is going to be. Well it seems as though Facebook has caught up with this adage and provided global brands a
way to be local. In the past a Facebook page only showed up in the language it was created in. Umm… can we say alienation? The only way many brands were able to become localized on Facebook was through maintaining and managing multiple fan pages. Tedious you say? Well Facebook has come to the rescue once again. They launched “global pages” which now allows brands to set up localized versions of their cover photos, profile, photos, Page, apps, etc. for various single or multi-language countries and will also include a default page. With this launch, brands can use a single, global URL which will automatically take the user to a local version of the page based on their location. This is a huge relief for businesses, providing less headaches and more manageability. And, Facebook users get to be a part of the global brand community and stay local. Win-win! This is only available to “country” pages and hasn’t trickled down to the state or city level (yet). If you want more info on how to set up a global page you can contact your Facebook rep or us at THAT! Company. Ok, so this is all great but I’m sure you are asking yourself “why do this”? Well, the answer is simple. It’s usually the answer to most questions. Money! Money for who you might ask? Facebook of course! By having localized pages, brands might be willing to increase their ad spend by buying bigger international Facebook ad campaigns. So is there another upside? But of course there is. Facebook users from all over the globe who “Like” the same thing can interact on the wall. When a kid realizes his ultimate favorite rock band is also the favorite ultimate rock band of kids in Australia, Brazil or even China we can only hope it will increase communication and understanding, specially where racism and bullying is concerned.

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