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Is Twitter Marketing Still Worth Using As Tool In 2021?

Twitter SMM

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Twitter is one of the most renowned social media platforms that has redefined the online marketing landscape. May it be pop-culture, health news, or politics– Twitter proves that it can be both a social networking tool and a search engine tool in which you can find the latest information about any topic. People talk all the time about anything under the sun on Twitter. Conversations are now digital, and they are called Tweets! This whole thing makes twitter one of the best platforms that you can utilize to boost your social media presence. Businesses, like Nike, Netflix, and Buffer, were able to market on Twitter to engage users, raise brand awareness, and increase conversions. Content is king and Twitter makes it easy to distribute content. And, there are over 350 million average monthly Twitter users globally for you to share that content with.

The idea of reaching hundreds of millions of leads through a free social media app seems very intriguing, right? You might be asking now if all social media platforms have the same marketing strategy and goals, why would you use Twitter? Why would you invest resources in creating a profile and content for this platform? What’s new about it this year? How can we incorporate it into our business as a marketing tool? Is it worth it?

What Makes Twitter Different From Other Social Media

Twitter Marketing | A Hand Holding A Phone Tapping The Twitter App With The Other Social Media App On The SideTwitter is unique and worth using as a marketing tool for several reasons.

• This bird app is free
• Lets you share content (photos/videos/audios) in seconds.
• Twitter expands your reach.
• It is a customer support tool
• Twitter has a search tab and the #hashtags work as a search engine tool, for you to search for your competitors learn about their tactics, and also find potential customers for your business.
• Allows you to engage with your audience and share the latest updates with them.
• Twitter got new features this year!! Really, really cool features!!

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with Twitter and its capabilities, the real question here is Is it STILL worth using as an online marketing tool in 2021? Is it even relevant up to this day? The rise of another social media kind of makes it looks like many people and brands are leaving Twitter in favor of other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, and especially, TikTok. But, the truth is that there are still 192 million daily active users on Twitter with over 600 million tweets sent each day, so yes, this channel is oh-so-worth using for business/marketing. Remember our aim here is to boost conversions, create lasting relationships with your followers, and improve your brand awareness. Ready to dive in?

[bctt tweet=”People talk all the time about anything under the sun in Twitter. Conversations are now digital, and they are called Tweets! ” username=”ThatCompanycom”]

Twitter’s New Features and How To Utilize It

Marketing Using Twitter | A Hand Holding A Phone Showing A Twitter ApplicationTwitter is as a marketing tool is one of the best apps out there that is trying to stay relevant by launching several new features now and then that have already proven to be famous on competing for social media platforms. Stay in the know by incorporating these exciting and new features into your social media marketing for 2021.


Fleets are Twitter’s version of Instagram Stories and Facebook’s My Day. It was beta-tested in early 2020, and it was officially launched in November 2020. Just like Insta Stories, Fleets are 15-second video or photo content that appear at the top of your followers’ Home feed. They are also accessible via your profile photo and they expire after 24 hours. Fleets will be the perfect place for live-tweeting the company’s next big event, webinar, sale, or announcement.


Twitter introduced ‘Spaces’ in the first quarter of 2021. It is their version of “Clubhouse” and “Instagram Live”, so it’s basically a live broadcast. A new way to have live audio conversations. When you go Live with Spaces on Twitter, you can either be a “host” or just a “listener”—anyone can join, speak, or just listen depending on your settings. The good thing about Spaces is that it unlocks real and open conversation. People come to Twitter to talk about any topic, and you’ve always followed these people for their Tweets but with Spaces, it lets you listen to their real voices and can even join them and make commentaries—LIVE. May it be small or intimate conversations or big discussions, Spaces is a great sure way to grow a community, not to mention it has a 125 million audience reach!


This is an old feature but Twitter improved it this year. The list is a great way to create a custom timeline to segment the people that we will follow that soon will become our leads. It works like an e- directory for potential clients in the future. If you find that people are often expressing interest in your content and our offerings, you can save them all to one list, and then you can work on establishing a relationship with them,, and soon they will inquire about your business.

All we have to do is 1) Join a list – so first, we must search it using the keywords for our services like if we want to find leads for SEO we will search SEO Marketing. 2) Create a list of our own 3) Follow those people in the list and engage with them. There’s a 95% chance they will follow back and engage with us too.


Thread is a series of tweets that are connected because it falls under one topic, with a customized hashtag. Publishing a thread one Tweet at a time lets users feel the excitement of a developing story — Influencers use Twitter as a marketing tool because of its thread feature, it is perfect when live-tweeting!


Polls are best for quick feedback. It helps massively in decision making and to know about the trending need of the moment. With one click, users can answer and see the results instantly.


We already know that Twitter is one of the best ways to connect with customers, but sometimes one Tweet just isn’t enough. With Moments, we can curate a collection of our customers’ series of tweets that includes convos, live commentary, and more. It is great when we want to show off our good feedback from them because who doesn’t love a shoutout? We can also use it to hype an event—get the people talking about it before it even happens!


Just last month, #RIPCroppedPhotos just started trending on Twitter? Why? The said app finally rolled out a new feature– uncropped, larger images in users’ feeds! This change might seem insignificant to some, but it surely has a meaningful impact when done right. Twitter is a marketing tool for a reason and this feature is another chance for the brands to put their best tweet forward to attract an audience.

Main Reasons People Use Twitter In 2021

Twitter Marketing Tips | A Teenager Boy Holding A Tweet Sign Looking SurprisedNow that we’re up to date with what’s new on Twitter, we need to make sure that our target audience are active users and we know who they are. Twitter is an effective marketing tool if we are talking to the right people at the right time. Most Twitter users tend to be in the older range. About 65% of them are between the ages of 35 and 65. (Source: Once we identified our audience, it’s time to establish the main reasons why they use this app in the first place.

1. News

Twitter’s trending topics are a great way to find out what’s going on at the moment—health, sports, entertainment, politics, etc. Trends show what people are talking about second by second at the highest possible volume. Take advantage of this reason by using a hashtag.

2. Entertainment

In today’s crazy times, people are seeking to be entertained to take their minds off things. Whether that’s by a funny meme or a new Twitter challenge. Keep this in mind when creating your Twitter strategy – even if your brand isn’t actually funny by default, you can still sign up for the Twitter fun. Brands like Wendy’s and Netflix are the best examples that use Twitter as a marketing tool that is always leaning toward entertainment (especially when it comes to memes!).

3. Customer Support

It has become an art form for social media teams: knowing how to identify and reduce crises on social media when there is a customer complaint. Consider your Twitter feed your first line in customer relations and handle it professionally.

4. Learn and Meet People with Same Interests

This app’s primary purpose is to connect people and allow people to share their thoughts with a big audience with millions of communities and groups. People meet others with common interests or, a common profession through using the same hashtags and following the same influencers within a specific niche.

Twitter is a great way to generate buzz and bring people closer to your brand. It is the platform that gives you access to an audience and doing two things at the same time—it provides a chance to engage with customers while continuously promoting products and services, so yes Twitter is still worth using as Marketing Tool in 2021.

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