Video Sharing niche filled?

Last Updated on August 10, 2017

Are you the type that needs to chronicle your every step? Have you felt limited? Do you feel like your story should be a movie and not a still photo? There seems to be a lot of people who feel like that.

Instagram rose to instant popularity (mentioned on the web almost every 56 seconds) and is as recognizable as Facebook and Twitter. They took sharing photos socially to new heights. But there seemed to be a void. A niche that needed filling. Video sharing! Ok, so there is Viddy and Social cam – both gaining some traction but they aren’t at “superstar” status like other social outlets.

video sharing(IN COMES) Threadlife! (surrounded by a sea of inquisitive faces). Threadlife is a new startup led by the fearless Nick Swinmurn (Zappos founder). This company will have you looking at video sharing and sewing terms in a whole new light. Threadlife is a free iPhone app that allows users to record three second intervals of video. Now are you saying – three seconds just isn’t enough time? Well, you’re right. It isn’t enough time. However, when you start adding three seconds to another three seconds and another three seconds…well you get the picture (or video). Threadlife calls their three second clips “stitches.”  You then combine your stitches (clips) into “threads” to make your video. This is similar to a playlist. A master thread can store “stitches” chronologically, or you can make them smaller, break them apart – lets just say you have options. You can even have friends contribute and collaborate on the video. Their website says it encourages “endless…ever-evolving stories.” What a wonderful concept. We will keep an eye on Threadlife – the app was just launched yesterday. Can you imagine what their 1 year birthday party will be like? A Halloween, birthday party of video sharing craziness – three seconds at a time.

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