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What are the best social media sites to use for my business?

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This is an excellent question and requires in depth research.


That would be a pretty lazy, unhelpful answer. The fact is in order to answer the question we must ask additional questions. Who

are you trying to reach? What are you trying to achieve? How long is the buying cycle/decision making cycle? What is the profit margin or acceptable lead cost? We need to understand those four questions to give you the answer that is right for you. At the end of this article we hope to have helped you answer those questions for yourself, but if not we’re a phone call a way.

Question #1 and #2 Who are you trying to reach? What are you trying to achieve? The answers to these questions almost always includes a recommendation for a Facebook Campaign. Facebook has the largest social user base to date, the most targetable social data, and the system to target
them. If you’re a B2C business, the chances are you’re ready to jump in and just don’t know where to start. Now if you’re a B2B, business you may be weary of a Facebook Campaign, but for every one Linkedin user there are 6.5 Facebook users. Your target market is in that number and, believe it or not, they’re willing to take personal time to connect with a business that is going to make their business better. As a B2B business you should definitely look at starting a Linkedin campaign, but Facebook needs to be on the to do list. What about Twitter? Twitter isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth testing. We’ve listed some initial demographic information, but to truly answer this question, we need to research what resources your target market is already following on Twitter.

Here are some key demographic information:


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From a PEW study regarding the demographic of twitter users: 200 million users

19% of online adults age 18-24 have used twitter or something like it

20% of online adults age 25-34 have used twitter or something like itdemographics

10% of online adults age 35-44 have used twitter or something like it

5% of online adults age 45-54 have used twitter or something like it

4% of online adults age 55-64 have used twitter or something like it

2% of online adults 65+ have used twitter or something like it

Facebook Demographics: (provided by Facebook) 750 million users

18-25 are 35% of Facebook users

26-34 are 20% of Facebook users

35-44 are 16% of Facebook users

45-54 are 12% of Facebook users

55-64 are 7% of Facebook users

10% of Facebook users don’t share their age.

Linkedin Demographic: (provided by Linkedin) 101 million users

18-24 are 20.9% of Linkedin users

25-34 are 35.8% of Linkedin users

35-54 are 36.3% of Linkedin users

54+ are 6.9% of Linkedin users

As for Youtube, many are interested in creating and promoting their videos. Youtube comes with its own set of questions. What is the purpose of your content? Is your content engaging? Youtube is the place to introduce a person to your brand and make them want to learn more. This social network works for almost any business it’s a matter of shaping your overall purpose to become engaging.

buying cycleQuestion #3 How long is the buying cycle/decision making cycle? If you’re selling something online that includes a cart and a quick checkout, then you’re buying cycle is short. If you’re selling something like a complex business CRM system, then your buying cycle is probably much longer. You need to consider your buying cycle before promoting yourself on a social network like Facebook. When you update Facebook you’re not updating every single one of your fans. You’re updating the fans that are engaged with you. If someone hasn’t liked/commented on one of your updates in a while, then Facebook’s algorithms may have you updating an empty room regardless of the number of likes you have. As you can see, it is exceptionally important to be engaging. When the buying cycle is long you have to be very creative with your status updates to increase engagement. If you post simple facts about your company you may soon lose their interest. If you’re updating with statistics proving that your CRM system is superior and that it is winning over the hearts of many business owners due to specific features then share those details. You will continue to influence the potential buyer and you will be make those that have already made their purchase feel better about doing so. When you’re giving good news to those that already do business with you, then they’re more likely to listen when you have a new product/service to offer.

Question #4 What is your profit margin? This question can determine what social sites you should look to advertise on. If you have slim profit margins then you will want to research the Cost per click (CPC) it will cost to reach your target market. If it doesn’t make financial sense, then you’ll need to rely on real world advertising to promote your online properties, or by using the social media networks virality to help you grow your audience. If you have moderate or large profit margins, and if all of our other advise falls in line, then you’re ready to talk to a social media marketing professional who can provide further tactical expertise.

In conclusion, not every social network is right for your business; which is why we recommend researching what each social network has to offer your specific business before just jumping in. Our social media marketing professionals can assist you with identifying which social networks are best for you. Have your company evaluated today. Click to have us contact you.




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