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Invalid Clicks?

An Invalid click refers to clicks on AdWords ads that Google suspects are not the result of genuine customer interest. Invalid clicks can be performed by automated tools, but they can also be the result of accidental clicks – for instance, if someone were to double-click your ad. Google does not charge you for invalid […]

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Having Trouble with your Mobile Components?

Okay, so we ran into a bit of a problem while installing a mobile component for a client’s website. The component was awesome, except for the fact that there was no setting to disable the categories for the site being turned into menu items. Yuck! Not what I want at all. These categories don’t show […]

3 Simple Ways to Increase Lead to Sale Conversion Rates 

Be Persistent, Be On Time, Make Every Interaction Valuable. Marketing and Sales at its finest means that you pay close attention to these 3 things and apply them every day. How many times have you missed an opportunity because you didn’t follow up appropriately? How many times have you missed an opportunity because you didn’t show up […]

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Why Think Locally?

You should be looking at Google Local or Bing’s Places for Business. Most businesses can capitalize on being in their local search. If the business has a brick and mortar location, or if it is a home business that services a specific targeted location, you will get the most benefit out of going through the […]

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Simple Guide to Remarketing

Remarketing in AdWords is a great way to market to potential clients or customers who have already shown an interest in your particular services or products. Why should I remarket to somebody who did not buy in the first place? With the age of comparison shopping so high, potential clients are not purchasing or becoming […]

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